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Tips & Tricks

Tutorial: Starburst Nail Art Design [VIDEO]

If you're a nail art lover and would like something innovative to update your party looks, you shouldn't miss this tutorial by All you need is scissors, tape and your favourite nail polishes, and you'll be ready with this artistic, g...

Funny & Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween [VIDEO]

Halloween is just around the corner. Don't waste your time any longer. Update your stylish Halloween look with one of these 4 funny yet scary makeup ideas. Check out the tutorials below.

Ways to Wear Leather

Ways to Wear Leather

Pulling off leather can be tricky, but in this video I show you how I style it.

Shoe Paradise

Shoe Paradise

Summer is just around the corner which means beach, bikini, & cute summer SHOES !

1 Dress, 7 Looks: How to Re-Wear Your Prom Dress

Have you ever bought a dress but only ended up wearing it once?? (*ahem prom, anyone???). I say, if you loved it once then it's worth wearing it 2..3...4...5...6..7 times!!! Here I'll show you how to take one dress and wear it in 7 different ways !

No Heat Curls With Curlformers

Your hair is straight, but sometimes you want have curly hair and still keep your natural hair style? You don't need to go to a hair salon and spend a lot of money on this: stay at home and do it yourself! No heat, no harmful effects and not expen...

Make-up For Pale Girls Inspired by Christina Hendricks

Today we will learn how to make up in the style of pale beauty, Christina Hendricks. It is so fast and simple. Let's see how to do it.

DIY: Beautiful Empty Moon Nails [VIDEO]

Follow these simple steps and in no time, you'll have hot red nails in empty moon style, just perfect for a holiday night out!

Vintage With Natalie Rotman - H&M Life Video

Meet Natalie Rotman, fashion correspondent in LA, and check out her stylish wardrobe of bright colours, original prints and vintage pieces! What are your key pieces for autumn?

Cute Strawberry Nails

Here is a super fun & easy nail tutorial for you guys! Since spring is here- why not try a cute fruity design? It's girly, sweet and looks yummy!

Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight" Bionic Inspired Make-up Tutorial

This look is inspired by the cover of Christina Aguilera's single "Not Myself Tonight" off of her Bionic album which will be released this summer.

Healthy Skin Care : How to Treat Acne

To treat acne both internally and topically, drink plenty of water, maintain and healthy diet, do a deep purification mask and exfoliation twice a week and keep the skin clean. Treat acne on a daily basis, cleansing both the inside and outside of ...

Spa Facials : How to Make Homemade Facial Scrubs

Homemade facial scrubs can be made with ground coffee, cocoa and oats mixed with different essential oils, such as lavender, olive oil or almond oil. Create a safe, homemade facial scrub, exfoliating the face for at least five minutes at a time, w...

How To Tie A Tie

Easy, slow motion instructional video on how to tie a tie.

Video Tutorial - Smokey Silver-Blue Eyes

I managed to con my Dad into letting me borrow his video camera (trust me, I had to leave my traincase on deposit) so I could at least give the live tutorial idea try, since that’s what everyone appears to want. I guess it’s okay for a first try, ...

Sweet Allure Beauty Cosmetics and Makeup Video Training

Sweet Allure Beauty Cosmetics and Makeup Video Training

Learn about private label mineral cosmetics

In this video we are preparing and filling mineral cosmetics.

Mirabella Cosmetics

Mirabella Cosmetics

Hair and Makeup Bebe Pham Maxim Photo Shoot

Get styling tips as international model Bebe Pham glams up for her Maxim jeepney photo shoot. A productionƒ