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Piercing & Tattoos

New Trend: White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoo is a permanent skin decoration, similar to black or coloured tattoos, but it has been done entirely in white. These skin decorations have become increasingly popular. They are distinctly delicate and subtle, and may even glow when...

New Body Art Trend: Graffiti On Scantily-Clad Girls

Graffiti on girls is a new, street-style body paint trend that has become an internet hit. has started the phenomenon of nude tagging. Girls - models, artists and 'girl next door types' - from all over the world upload photos of thems...

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Inspirations

Traditional Japanese tattoos are well-known for their full body styling, bold lines, historic patterns and traditional images. Have you thought of getting one? You can find inspirations in the following beautiful, artistic tattoos below.

"Bad Boy" Dawid Auguscik & His Gorgeous Tattoos

Polish male model Dawid Auguscik (Rock Man Models) shows off his yummy 6-packs full of amazing tattoos

Newest tattoos of Hollywood celebs

Investigate some of the newest tattoos inked on the cream of the crop in Hollywood.

Temporary tattoos you'll love

Take a look at these unusual, temporary tattoos created by professional designers.

The Beauty of Body Paint Art

Painting is all about discovering the magic of colours, patterns and designs. Body painting is painting magic that can form the bodies of people into something totally different from what they actually are.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

You just can't get enough of the Hello Kitty craze that surrounds the beauty and fashion world? Then, here you have the latest Hello Kitty Tattoo designs that would definitely mark your special relationship with the cute animated icon. Take a clos...

Is body-art Fox-y? ... actress Megan

YOU'VE been promising yourself that tattoo or body piercing for a while.

Temporary Tattoos from CHANEL Now Available

Laura The Budget Fashionista
Temporary Tattoos from CHANEL Now Available

What: Remember back when we thought temporary tattoos were going to take off? Although they didn’t, CHANEL is trying to bring back the trend. For $75, you can now purchase a sheet of 55 hand-drawn CHANEL-inspired designs, which can be mixed and ma...

Backstage Pass To LFW Autumn 2010: House of Blue Eyes

I wouldn't exactly call this a show, rather, it was more like a presentation for Johnny Blue Eyes' 2010 Autumn collection. Held at the Vauxhaull Fashion Scout in Covent Garden, the backstage area for hair, makeup and dressing was set up for tea an...

Christian Audigier Tattoo Stockings

The man who mastered the art of tattooed clothing with his Ed Hardy line, Christian Audigier, has debuted sexy flesh-colored stockings featuring tattoo print.

New Tattoo Cover Up Solution Created by Former Sheriff's Deputies

Military and law enforcement personnel who need to cover up their tattoos finally have an alternative to messy makeup or unsightly bandaids, thanks to an innovative new product: Ink Armor tattoo cover up sleeves.

What did she expect? Incredible face revealed of the man who tattooed girl with 56 stars when she only asked for three

A teenage girl is suing a tattoo artist for £10,000 after she allegedly asked him for three stars on her face - but ended up with 56.

Marvelous Mehndi: Beautiful Bridal Henna Designs

If you've ever been to an Indian, Moroccan, or Pakistani wedding ceremony, you've probably seen — or worn — mehndi. Many brides, both abroad and in the United States, wear these henna "tattoos" on their hands and feet for wedding celebrations; loo...

3D Tattoos : A Painful Way to Make Yourself Beautiful

Its quite astounding to see to what extent people can go to make themself beautiful and unique.Body piercing,Body painting tattoos and now its all gone one step ahead with 3D Tattoos.

Bad Taste Tattoos - Permanent Social Faux Pas

To begin, I must marginally defend the Twin Towers tattoo, as he got it done as a memorial. He could have perhaps done without the fire, however. I do love the insanity of the Internet when I write articles like this, but it is also clearly...

Neo-Traditional Roses Tattoo

Karen L. Hudson
Neo-Traditional Roses Tattoo

Artist: Thomas Randall - Against All Odds Tattoo - Auburn, AL

White tattoos - the latest must-have accessory in Hollywood

They are the latest accessory for Hollywood A-listers, they’re extremely painful to have applied – and even then they are so subtle you can barely see them.

Tongue Tattoos - More Unusual Areas to Get Inked

All the other issues aside, this must seriously hurt. Tongue tattoos are a new trend that is rapidly spreading across the world of body modification.