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Hair & Nails

The most feminine celebrity hairstyles

From long to short, here are some superfeminine celebrity hairstyles for the hottest and most feminine locks.

Celebrity-inspired wedding hairstyles

Wedding day is one of the most prominent days in a life of a woman. Why not try a beautiful hairstyle inspired by your favourite celebrity for an unforgettable impression?

Hot Nail Trends for Spring 2012

Beautiful hands will look even more wonderful with fashionable nails. Check out the hottest nail styles for next spring!

Channeling Lady Gaga: Colourful hair styles from runway to red carpet

Brighten up your days and all the places you go to. Check out the colourful hair trend that also drove celebs wild.

More impressive with Hair Style in any Volume!

Beside the bags, high-heels, outfits, you can be more impressive and perfect with the hair style with any volume. Hairstylists used their teasing combs at the nape of the neck, the back of the head, and the ends of ponytails for new and unexpected...

Celebrity haircuts suitable for every age

Some of the best celebrity hair styles you'll love especially because they look great on a lady of any age. Make sure you choose a haircut that is suitable for your face shape.

Fantasy and Amazing Violet Motobike from Nail Style

Thanks to Ms Pang My Nguyen's talent and unique idea, she has designed her motobike and make it the most superb motobike in Ho Chi Minh City. This bike has been changed its color from red to violet and decorated with more than 2,200 crystals items...

Nail trends from the runway

Here are some fabulous nail art directly from the runways of Spring 2012 shows.

Pick the best haircut for your face type

A pretty face will look even more beautiful, if you choose the right haircut for your faceshape. Don't be afraid of changing your style to achieve a fresh, new look.

Sexy Ponytails

Are you fed up with wearing your hair always in the same way? We'll show you some ponytails of different styles, from classic to modern, from innocent to naughty and from simple to complex. All are very sexy and pretty, suitable for all ages and e...

Watercolor nail art by Tips Nails Bar at Lucian Matis

Fabulous vibrant watercolor nail art by Leeanne Colley from Tips Nails Bar, as seen at Lucian Matis' show at Toronto Fashion Week.

Future Teller: Beauty Tips for Spring 2012

Check out next spring's hottest hair and makeup trends inspired by catwalk looks.

Welcoming Halloween

With only 3 weeks left, Halloween is on our doorstep. Have you started preparing for this joyful holiday yet? Here are some must-have products that will surprise both you and your friends! Be a hell of a stylish gal!

Celebrity haircuts you'll love

Celebrities always have to choose new styles and images that place them to the top of the trend. See if their new haircuts are suitable to your style.

Loveliest Nail Art Designs

3d nail art with stereoscopic designs is made by quickly applying a paint-like substance called ‘mixture' over the nails and forming the shape you want before drying. When creating nail designs such as flowers, each part is made individually in ad...

Find the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

Choosing a hairstyle that flatters it compliments you from all angles. Three A-list stylists share their secrets on the best cuts and styles for everyone. As seen on

The Jewelry Nailist: Fumic Sueyoshi

I'm sure that evevryone must love this at the first sign when they see the art is truly put into "nail art", and Fumic Sueyoshi i a true gem in this arena. Her nail art combines color, testure and movement to create edgy yet elegant designs that i...

Extreme Nail Art Designs- Christmas, Cupid, Candy and more!

Girls these days are crazy about their nails: they grow it, they paint it, they try different nail decoration for every occasion and so on...So let's meet some crazy nail art designs and other pictures of nail art ideas!

Crazy Headwear Collection from Piers Atkinsons (Fall / Winter 2011 / 2012)

Piers Atkinsons’ Fall / Winter 2011 / 2012 collection includes 33 outstanding designs of headbands, berets, beanies and skullcaps. Some of the headpieces come with oversized fruit shapes, showpieces and interesting forms of balaclava. Black Label Couture Hair Accessories Collection

Check out beautiful hair accessories from Black Label's couture hair accessories collection. The Old Hollywood glamour flower and feather headbands are suitable for all kinds of parties.

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