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Gwen Stefani behind the scenes for L'Oréal Récital Préférence [VIDEO]

L'Oréal's celebrity ambassador is currently the face of the brand's L'Oréal Paris Récital Préférence hair dye, Gwen Stefani. Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the commercial shoot where the singer floats around looking completely excited to be ...

Biomega Launches Shake It! Volume-Boosting Activator Styling Powder

Created in response to stylist requests, a new styling aid from Biomega might soon have you shouting, "Shake it!" The powdery product, which is called Shake It!, blends with other products to adjust to each user's hair care needs.

Bold Hair Color Ideas for 2011

The new hair color hues to choose from are vast, so you can definitely find a bold hair color which will suit the 2011 hair trends perfectly and make a real fashion statement. The transformation achieved through the help of hair color is absolutel...

Lady Gaga shows off her new two-tone hair style and more... [PHOTOS]

Lady Gaga has undergone the tamest makeover so far: the 24-year-old star has had her fringe dyed jet black, to contrast with her blonde hair.

Cute Strawberry Nails

Here is a super fun & easy nail tutorial for you guys! Since spring is here- why not try a cute fruity design? It's girly, sweet and looks yummy!

Runway Hair & Beauty Trends to Try This Fall

As fashion writers clamor to predict which styles will hit big this fall, it's very clear what direction beauty is heading: glowing skin, bursts of color, and low-maintenance tresses. Here, the top beauty trends that'll be turning heads soon enough.

Batiste Tones: Dry shampoo with a hint of colour

The people at Batiste have been busy lately, and in addition to the various scented and coloured versions of their classic dry shampoo which came out last year, they’re now releasing Batiste Tones to the market.

8 Emergency Party Hair Fixers …

Aprille Ross All Women Stalk
8 Emergency Party Hair Fixers …

Being notified that there is a party due to start within the hour isn’t usually that big of a deal, when it comes to finding something to wear. However, my hair is a different story. I have days where it takes me at least an hour to determine what...

L'Oreal Hairdressers Against AIDS Calendar 2011

The L’Oreal 2011 Hairdressers Against AIDS celebrates an important moment for the brand and features some of the most beautiful famous women celebrities in the world.

China Glaze Anchors Away Collection – Sneak Peek!

Just had these arrive today! :) Took some quick photos and swatches – will be back later today tomorrow (forgot I had class tonight, sorry!!) with reviews and full photos/swatches.

Hair Style Tools By Cinsmile

Cinsmile is a company from China which specialize in hair tools with a full range of more than 100 kinds of different products. Exporting to dozens of countries including Japan, Russia, Germany and Italy for over 15 years, Cinsmile is committed to...

Jennifer Behr 2010 Holiday Hair Accessories

Top your scene-stealing hairdo with a cute headband from the Jennifer Behr 2010 Holiday Hair Accessories lookbook featuring Mollie Gondie and all the must have style items that could further boost the glam vibe of your appearance. Choose from the ...

Cool Minx Nail Art Designs
Cool Minx Nail Art Designs

Minx nails are the hottest new thing today when it comes to nail art and there are a variety of cool Minx designs to choose from. Check out the following cool Minx nails and determine which design suits your style best!

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011 Beauty Trends

Hair and makeup highlights from the NYC shows

Del Sol Colour Changing Nail Varnish: The review

Coloour changing nail varnish seems like something you should have left behind when you entered your teens, but seeing as everything youth orientated is now in style (Barbie makeup, multicloured nails, hair streaks) ther's no reason grown women ca...

Chanel Khaki Collection is yawn inducing

The Chanel Khaki Collection, a.k.a Les Khakis de Chanel is set to be the NEW next best thing in nails. Hang on, didn't we just have that with Chanel Paradoxal? Yes, I think we did.

2010 Emmy Hair Predictions by Neil Weisberg.

The Emmy's are just around the corner, so it's time to make predictions for trends we will be seeing on the red carpet this year. And who better to ask than a celebrity stylist who has among his clients everyone from Heidi Klum to Reese Witherspoo...

ORLY Plastix

The Beauty Quest
ORLY Plastix

I try not to pick favourites with nail brands, but slowly but surely Orly has crept into the number one spot, and it may remain there indefinitely.

Celeb nail trend: gilded ring fingers

Multi-colored nails are not a new trend, but lately we've been seeing a lot of brights paired with gold fourth fingers.... and we're loving the trend!

Long Blonde Hairstyles
Long Blonde Hairstyles

Blonde hair requires special attention than any other color as it is very fragile. Whether you have natural blonde or you dyed it, don't forget to always use products specially created for blonde hair, which protect and nourish it offering a healt...

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