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Hair & Nails

Top 9 Colour Protecting Conditioners

It's a common problem that your freshly done hair colour will start swirling down the drain after getting your hair wet. In order to resolve this problem, you should use hair care products to reduce frizz and preserve the colour. Check out the 9 b...

Trend Alert: Cute and Fashionable Medium Pixie Haircuts

Thanks to their feminine and eye-catching style, pixie haircuts are a suitable choice for those who want to get noticed. Here are some cute medium pixie haircuts that will surly attract attention and flatter your face instantly.

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2013

Gents, if you want to turn heads this summer, you mustn’t skip these trendy hairstyles. This season, men’s hairstyles focus on slick side partings with an added length that helps create an altogether more refined and formal look. The alternative c...

Celebrity Beach Hairstyles 2013

Kat and enjoy a fun beach holiday
Celebrity Beach Hairstyles 2013

A refreshing and fun vacation by the sea is the best way to escape steamy summer temperatures. Take a look at the following photos and explore how celebrities adopt some simple yet stylish and inspiring beach hairdos.

Top 6 Trendiest Long Hairstyles

Long, flowing hair is easy to mix and match with numerous year-round styles for an exotic look. Take a look at these trendy long hairstyles and pick out your favourite!

Adorable Braided Updos to Escape the Summer Heat

From fishtails to milkmaid braids, check out these lovely updos that are sure to turn heads this season!

Trend Alert: Asymmetrical Statement Bob Haircuts

2013 seems to be the year of the bob that is so versatile and may be transformed easily to suit every taste and style. For those of you, who are considering an asymmetrical bob haircut, you shouldn't miss the following outstanding and statement ha...

The Trendiest Hair Accessories to Try This Season

From vibrant embellished headbands to classic ribbons, these hair accessories are essential to try on this spring / summer to create elegant and stylish looks.

Celebrity Hairstyle Evolution: You Can Look 10 Years Younger Too!

Just by simply changing their hairstyles, the following celebrities look 10 years younger than their real age. Check out these hairstyle evolutions below and get some inspirations to update yours!

Sexiest Nail Polish Colours For Spring 2013

Don’t miss these 6 fashionable colours from your nail polish collection. Enjoy the spring season with your perfect, sexy nails.

Creative and Beautiful Nail Art Ideas [PHOTOS]

Nails are the ultimate fashion accessories that are always at hand ;-) Add your nails an eye-catching and glamorous touch with these very cool, creative and beautiful manicure designs here below.

Top Women's Hairstyles for 2013

As a hairdo is often part of a woman's individual style, you'd better continuously explore new trends to stay fashionable. Update your feminine locks now according to the latest trends with the following glamorous and chic hairstyles.

Tutorial: Starburst Nail Art Design [VIDEO]

If you're a nail art lover and would like something innovative to update your party looks, you shouldn't miss this tutorial by All you need is scissors, tape and your favourite nail polishes, and you'll be ready with this artistic, g...

Trend Alert: Feminine Braids Hit Spring 2013

It seems like braids never go out of fashion, and spring is a perfect time to wear these romantic and innocent-looking hair styles. The following beautiful picks were spotted at Spring 2013 fashion shows, and feature different types of braids from...

Glamorous Festive Hair Accessories For Holidays 2012

Fashion-conscious girls refresh their festive party looks, from top to toe, by adding many glamorous, stylish pieces of accessories, but most of them still forget to use fine hair accessories to luxe up their style. Check out these incredible idea...

5 Classy & Easy-To-Make Hair Styles For New Year's Eve

You've chosen a dress for this special occasion already, haven't you? What about your party hairdo? Renowned hair stylist Mark Garrison and his staff at Mark Garrison Salon, New York City, recommend the following beautiful and classic styles that ...

Cute DIY Nail Art for X'mas

Check out these Christmas-themed cute nail art ideas and find inspiration to show off your personality.

Beautiful Nail Art Ideas for Christmas 2012

Take a look at these beautiful nail art ideas below and find inspiration to create your individual style for your Christmas appearances now!

Glamorous Holiday 2012 Hairdos

Check out the following gorgeous holiday 2012 hairstyle ideas and get ready to shine during the festive season or other special occasions. See how you can vamp up an classic ponytail, an updo or just let your hair loose and down according to the l...

Top 9 Shampoos For Colour-Treated Hair

Do you want to keep your freshly done, beautiful hair colour? Using proper post-treatment hair care products is simple a must. Here are some really effective colour-protecting shampoos you should try after getting an overall hair dye or highlights...

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