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Hair & Nails

Best Beauty Products for Winter

Don't forget to take care of your beauty in this cold season either. Here are some quality products to help you save your skin and hair.

In Pictures: Elle Editor's Hair Makeover

Look at the change of Elle magazine editor Julie Vadnal's hairdo in the course of 21 days in order to learn how our hairdo affects our style.

Celebrity Hair Evolution

Celebrities' styles are changing all the time, as it is crucial for the stars to renew themselves continuously and be talked about. See how these leading ladies became more beautiful, sexier and stylish through the change of their hairstyles last ...

The hottest celebrity hair makeovers

Some of these leading ladies changed their styles dramatically over the last year, while others revamped their famous locks slightly only. But all in all, we must agree that they all look fabulous after their makeover, right...? If you think other...

Cool Nail Wrap Designs by Nail Rock [PHOTO / VIDEO]

Nail wraps, a version of Minx nails, is very popular with busy girls, as one can have complicated nail art designs in an instant and without going to beauty salons. The manicure lasts for about 2 weeks and is pretty easy to apply. First, you have ...

Classy and Chic Long Hair Styles

Long hair never really goes out of style and is worn by many famous people, from rock stars to models, actresses and other personalities... Let's see what you can do with such a hair style. Here are some ideas snapped from celebrities.

Beautiful, Feminine Hair Styles for 2012

New Year is coming around again! Update your hair style with new ideas and inspirations. All the recommended styles for the upcoming year are very sexy and feminine, and what's more important - easy to make.

Celebrity Plaits & Braids (Originally for Summer)

It's too soon to prepare for a summer party, but we can still make use of the following cute hairstyles. With plaits or braids, you can always look sweet and innocent, there's no need to wait for summer!

DIY: Beautiful Empty Moon Nails [VIDEO]

Follow these simple steps and in no time, you'll have hot red nails in empty moon style, just perfect for a holiday night out!

How to style a medium-length hair?

Here are some beautiful choices for medium-length hairstyles, borrowed from celebrities.

Best Celebrity Side Braids

Here are the prettiest side braids, as seen on celebs, inspired by the movie Hunger Games.

Sparkly Nails by Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann has some of the best glitter nail polish products with huge hexagonal pieces guaranteeing almost full coverage with one coat.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

Nope, these celebrities weren't getting married (some already are) and they appeared on the red carpet instead of before the altar, but nevertheless their beautiful and sophisticated hairstyles are great inspirations for wedding hairstyles.

Sexiest Celebrity Party Hairstyles

Check out the following hairstyles that will shine up your face on a night out!

Beautiful Holiday Hair Accessories

Bejewel your locks and change your hairstyle in an instant with one of these beautiful hair accessories.

Celebrity Hairstyles at Grammy Awards 2011 Nominations Gala

Check out which hairstyles were the stars' top choices at the Grammy Awards 2011 Nominations Gala. While you are browsing, don't forget to have a glance at their sophisticated makeup too. It seems that wavy locks of different lengths were all the...

Top favourite nail polish shades for the holidays

Attract attention with groomed, fashionable hands and perfect nails. Here are the trendiest nail polish shades for the coming holiday season.

Stylish Hairstyles with Side Partings for Gents

Retro side-parting hairstyle is a big hit with male celebrities this year. Regardless of the occasion, gentlemen can show off their stylish self wearing one of these variations.

Celebrity Holiday Hairstyles

Check out which celebrity hairstyles are the hottest this holiday, as recommended by experts for a festive night out.

Party hairstyles for the holidays

This holiday, create a buzz at any party with your stunning hairstyle. Check out some ideas from active to sexy, from vintage to modern styles.

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