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Fall 2010's Top Backstage Beauty Trends

Celia Ellenberg
Siri Tollerød

Keep it simple, keep it low-maintenance, and, when in doubt, keep it close to Kate Moss. That seemed to be the prevailing wisdom among the hair and makeup teams working on the Fall collections. But amid the minimalist maquillage, there were some f...

Tighten Skin After Losing Weight

A dramatic weight loss project might leave our skin with various unpleasant traces. From the stretch marks to other types of skin problems as sagging can be best combated by learning how to tighten skin after losing weight.

10 Rules of Waxing…

Waxing is the new must have beauty treatment. It’s quick, usually inexpensive and gives excellent results… but it’s also very nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never been before! I’ve been quizzing friends, salon owners and home waxers, and her...

Biore surprises the skin with Biore UV Aqua Rich

Verve Public Relations Consultancy
Biore surprises the skin with Biore UV Aqua Rich

The first sunscreen innovation that turns into water when applied on skin

Steer Clear of Blackheads

Aside from pimples, blackheads are another form of unsightly ‘bumps’ on your skin. They usually appear on the side of the nose, which are caused by excess oils. Personally, the solution that I have for this skin problem is to use one of those acne...

The Macrobiotic Diet
The Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet has not been developed as a quick fix for weight loss but instead it focuses on choosing foods that are nutritious, varied and healthy for an increased vitality and to prevent several types of diseases, including cancer. There...

Tips For Losing Belly Fat Before Summer…

Everyone hates belly fat, but it appears so fast, and can be so hard to get rid of! Now is the time to start concentrating on banishing it, though, so you are looking great by Summer. I’ve been quizzing gyms and doctors on the best ways to lose be...

Home Remedies for Dry Elbows
Home Remedies for Dry Elbows

Besides the unfavorable weather conditions, heavy use is also another major cause of cracked and dry elbows. They have to undergo a lot of wear as we lean on our elbows all the time, while working, eating or drinking coffee. However, we usually pa...

Three Beauty Products That Make Me Feel a Little Sexier

Last week we talked about a product that ups your get-naked confidence. But here are three that get me feeling better about myself for datin' time. (Important because confidence = sexy. And even if it doesn't go well, at least I feel hot.)

Photo: Signe Vilstrup

From lash-wiggling mascaras to skin-jiggling cleansing devices, there’s a whole lot of shaking going on in the beauty world. But is all of this buzzing actually buzzworthy?

What is Permanent Makeup
What is Permanent Makeup

If you consider doing a permanent makeup, but you don’t know exactly what does it mean, what are the pros and cons of a micropigmentation procedure, find out more from our article below.

50 Best Beauty Secrets

Our best beauty advice ever!

Tips to Green Your Beauty Routine

Going green is a vast subject that involves more than just recycling. Nowadays, people are becoming aware of how their choices and their lifestyle impact the environment and consequently they have begun making changes to reduce the negative impact...

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Review …

My mother always says “You’re only as old as you feel.” I don’t mean to dampen anyone’s spirits but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to believe in that if you didn’t discover a new wrinkle or fine line every time you looked into the mirror? Can fifty r...

Seasonal skin care

Sommer Caraway
Seasonal  skin care

Next time you stop by your local farmer's market or grocer, pick up a few extras of these spring fruits and vegetables for mixing up your own homemade skincare products! It will save you money -- and taste great.

Best Detox Teas
Best Detox Teas

The revolutionary solutions to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the organism are the best detox teas. These will be able to restore the balance in our body. Those who are fond of alternative medicine will be thrilled to experiment with these ...

Sunbed Dangers
Sunbed Dangers

With the arrival of the warm season everyone is longing for a sun-kissed tan. However sunbed dangers seem to overshadow the beauty of a glowy skin due to the endless threats of this procedure on our health. Those who are impatient to try the effec...

Borghese Cura Viso Brilliante Brightening Face Ultra Refiner

A luxurious cream that helps improve skin texture and firmness as it helps brighten, clarify and reduce the look of skin discoloration. What it does: Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil deliver vital moisture and restore skin suppleness and softness,...

The Gentlemens Refinery Travel Trilogy Black Ice

The GR natural travel packs meet all TSA guidelines. Self-contained & ready to give you the same enjoyable all natural shave whatever your adventure or destination. Only TGR quality and pure product is packaged in the following TSA Approved Travel...

Belli Skincare *NEW* Bundle of Joy Gift Set

Belli Baby Gift Set offers the purest, most gentle ingredients that nourish and protect delicate skin. Every product is allergy tested and free of artificial dyes, parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and other xenoestrogens - ingredients which can a...

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