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Banishing wrinkles with Botox

NANCY REECE JONES Great Falls Fribune
Banishing wrinkles with Botox

Some of your friends have done it. You've thought about it, but you still have some concerns. Is Botox really safe? Will my face look impassive, mask-like?

Want Longer Eyelashes? This Drug Can Help

CLOE CABRERA Tampa Bay Online
Want Longer Eyelashes? This Drug Can Help

If eyes are the window to the soul, I want mine with long, luxurious window treatments.

Anti-ageing in Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand
Anti-ageing in Thailand

It used to be that Thailand was a perfect place to lose track of time. Now it promises even better. It is giving back time — years, even.

Spa cosmetics made at home

Gabriella Boston The Washington Times
Lemons, with natural antibacterial properties, have beauty uses as well.

Some spas charge $80 for a pedicure and $250 for a facial; decent facial day creams run about $65 for a mere 1.7 ounces.

Introducing Naturally Clean by essie

Introducing naturally clean, infused with fresh botanicals and nourishing essential oils. A natural approach for the perfect essie experience.

Skin deep

Regina Sarnicola Accent Advocate
Cody McFarland / The Advocate

Women today are too fat, too skinny and too flat-chested. Their noses are too large, they sport too many wrinkles and their teeth can always be straighter and whiter. With these ideals bombarding women everywhere from movies to magazines to music ...

Photo Credit: Lisa Kettell

1. Get a thick bang … This will hide any wrinkles showing on your forehead, and also stops you looking so tired on those early mornings. Check that it will suit your hairstyle, though, and get it done professionally.

Effective Strategies to Get Rid of Cellulite…

One day I was looking through the pictures in the photo album of my Granma, and was highly intrigued by the look of women’s bodies in that time. Women on the beaches of Florida and the Bahamas, often fashionably full-figured, DID NOT SHOW ANY SIGN...

Great Holiday Bath and Beauty Kits

Beauty and Fashion Tech
Great Holiday Bath and Beauty Kits

Bath and Body spa kits make great holiday gifts. Just about everyone likes to pamper themselves from time to time, yet they might not want to buy themselves individual products to do so.

Chanel Aiming to Gain Share With Antiaging Treatment Line

Chanel will add a new weapon to its antiwrinkle arsenal starting in January with the aim of taking a frontline position in the war on aging.

The Truth About Indoor Tanning

Chris Fortuna
The Truth About Indoor Tanning

The pro-indoor-tanning crowd is trying to convince you that it’s safe to bronze yourself under a sun lamp. Here, Cosmo gets to the bottom of this bogus fake-bake argument.

Free Online Cosmetic Digital Imaging Software From Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

Toronto, Ontario -- Toronto Cosmetic Clinic is proud to introduce a new feature on their website: facial cosmetic surgical modification software.

Japanese Beauty Products Use Brute Force to Make You Fabulous

If you think parts of your face are out of proportion, like some Japanese people apparently do, there are tools available today that can help correct your ugliness. No, not plastic surgery.

Are you thinking to combine your vacation with a surgical procedure?

Dr.Vajarakorn Tongsuk Pattaya Royal Beauty Clinic
Are you thinking to combine your vacation with a surgical procedure?

Then may I introduce you to Pattaya Royal Beauty Clinic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Our clinic offers many surgical procedures provided from a professional team, headed by Dr. Tongsuk who has over 20 years of experience and one of the leading an...

Bathing in radio waves

Can you tell us a little about Thermage and how it works?

How women are having 'lunchtime legs' treatment to banish ugly thread veins

Soaring numbers of women are having unsightly thread veins removed in their lunch hour. At one chain of clinics alone, demand for the 'lunchtime legs' treatment is up by 60 per cent on this time last year.

Lovely skin - grown in the lab

A ban on animal testing next year has spurred scientists into cultivating human tissue. Jacqui Thornton reports

Some women seek permanent makeup solutions

Christine Morente
Some women seek permanent makeup solutions

MILLBRAE, Calif. -- No one said looking good is supposed to be painless. That maxim rang especially true as Julie Wallace leaned over to tattoo the outline of Nancy Wallace's lips with ink the color of Jamaican Rum.

Early Summer Beauty Crop: In Stores Now

No matter where we are in our careers or in our lives, June always seems to arrive with a "school's out" feeling. This is the month that says we have permission to feel free and to have fun.

Stay Sexy (and Safe) Under the Sun

No matter what kind of suncapade you're up for this summer, follow these strategies: If you like to spend as much of the summer as possible outdoors, soaking up the sun, you must take a moment to consider this: The incidence of melanoma in women a...

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