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Victoria's Secret Launches Paradise Fragrance Collection

Victoria's Secret has just unleashed its latest limited edition Summer 2013 Paradise Fragrance Collection. This time, Victoria's Secret brings three fresh scents named Fabulous in Paradise, Dream Angels Heavenly In Paradise, and Bombshell In Parad...

RMK Launches New Beauty Product Named 'Eye Balm'

RMK has released its newest beauty product called 'Eye Balm', which is richly blended with premium botanical oils like Baobab Oil and Argan oil in order to restore the delicate eye area with moisture for a glowing, youthful look. To enhance the ef...

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Skin This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and it's only natural that you'll need to replenish your skin's natural moisture during this cold season. Try the following 6 simple tips to help you to keep your skin moisturized and healthy all winter long.

Impressive and Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

Halloween is the one day out of the entire year when you can be somebody else. If you want to create a dramatic femme-fatale look for this year's All Hallows' Eve, check out some of these bold yet scary Halloween makeup ideas for inspiration.

The Hottest Makeup Looks to Wear This Fall [PHOTOS]

This fall's makeup trends feature some of the prettiest and hottest beauty ideas, ranging from the retro lady-like look with flawless skin and bright red lips, through an edgy punk look with smudgy liner and bruise-colored smoky eyes, to a futuris...

Top 9 Colour Protecting Conditioners

It's a common problem that your freshly done hair colour will start swirling down the drain after getting your hair wet. In order to resolve this problem, you should use hair care products to reduce frizz and preserve the colour. Check out the 9 b...

Top 6 Trendiest Long Hairstyles

Long, flowing hair is easy to mix and match with numerous year-round styles for an exotic look. Take a look at these trendy long hairstyles and pick out your favourite!

Go Green with Eco-friendly Beauty Products

What's the hottest trend in beauty care this season? Perhaps, it is using eco-friendly products. It high time you went green with your beauty routine too! Truly eco-friendly products consist of purely natural ingredients that make your skin look f...

Spring / Summer 2013 Makeup Trend: Brown Eyes

The Spring / Summer 2013 eye makeup trend will focus on shades of taupe, coffee and beige. Yes, brown shades return again to promote sculpted, sophisticated looks. Practice your shading technique with a palette of earthy browns to stay up-to-date ...

New Trend: Eye-catching Two-Toned Lips Are All The Rage

Two-toned lips are great means to vamp up your makeup routine and update your look in an eye-catching way. Here are 4 tips on how you can apply this new hot trend in order to accentuate your beautiful lips and attract more attention.

Gorgeous Party Eye Makeup with Exotic Eyelash Extensions

If you want to steal the show on an upcoming party night, you can try these gorgeous, exotic eyelash extensions. They are perfect for complementing a festive eye makeup due to their femininity, elegance and extravagance. Check out these incredible...

The Prettiest Beauty Gift Sets This Christmas

Not everyone is born with a natural instinct to pick the right gifts, and because of the great selection of quality beauty products, sometimes it can be really hard to choose. The following beauty gift sets will ease your pain when shopping for p...

8 Must-Have Beauty Products For New Year

Check out the following 8 best beauty products, from makeup items through facial care to hair care, which hit the stores this month.

Last-Minute Fabulous Christmas Makeup Inspirations

Winter is the season of love, joy and excitement, and Christmas is also the period when you can really have fun experimenting with your look. Adopt the following fabulous Christmas makeup ideas and match them with glittery outfits for a unique and...

Festive Makeup Looks By Metallic Eye Shadow

The key to maximize the effect of metallic eye shadows is to choose a colour and application technique that will accentuate your eyes, while harmonizing with your lip colour.

Perfect Beauty Gift Ideas for New Moms

During the upcoming holiday season, don't forget to give your new mom sister or girlfriend a thoughtful present. The following ideas may be a perfect gift for spoiling our weary loved ones.

Top 9 Shampoos For Colour-Treated Hair

Do you want to keep your freshly done, beautiful hair colour? Using proper post-treatment hair care products is simple a must. Here are some really effective colour-protecting shampoos you should try after getting an overall hair dye or highlights...

Five Best Hair Oil Products

Here are five new hair oil products you shouldn't miss, if you want to give your hair a smooth feel, while making it strong and keeping you looking gorgeous all day long.

Best Winter Face Mask Products You Must Have

Winter is just around the corner and the temperature is dropping down. Opt for one of these masks, matching your skin type or issue, to provide solution for moisturising, firming, clogged pores, dullness or acne.

Cool and Dramatic Halloween Makeup Looks From The Runway

Adopt these amazing, haunted Halloween makeups from Spring 2013 and match them with a well-thought-out scary costume for a dramatic, wild and fierce Halloween party look.

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