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10 WTF beauty rituals

Sonja Holbrook
10 WTF beauty rituals

For centuries, women have been committing acts of medieval torture on themselves just to look, seem, smell or even just feel more beautiful. Here are the 10 biggest WTF beauty rituals you might not know about.

9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas

There’s no such thing as a magic wand that can instantly take your look from day to night, but the extra-pretty date makeup looks here are the next best thing—they’re that easy.

5 Lovely prom makeup looks

Crystal Patriarche
5 Lovely prom makeup looks

You'll probably look like a million bucks walking down that staircase to your doe-eyed date. But after a few hours of eating, dancing, sweating and (dare we say...) kissing, that cakey makeup will leave you looking like a wet dog. Follow these ste...

Meeting Beyoncé With Our Best Foot Forward

With sandal-wearing season officially under way, we’ve become much more diligent about our pedicures of late. Full disclosure: We actually went completely bare for the entire winter, opting for natural buffing jobs over bright toes.

Spring Makeup Trend: Turquoise Eyeliner

Bright-eyed beauties walked the runway at Nanette Lepore’s spring 2010 show

How to Get Smoky Eyes

This sexy look never goes out of style. Make it your own by working with a new color: Brown's a fresh twist on basic black.

8 Steps for Perfect Red Lips …

Kati Blake All Women Stalk
8 Steps for Perfect Red Lips …

Red lipstick has always been a hit, but it’s done wrong so much that it can be too scary to try. Done right, though, it can look gorgeous, and be the extra finishing touch to complete your look for that first date or for a fun night partying it up...

Makeup Secrets Tips and Tricks!

Being confident and feeling good in your own skin are important things for every woman. But, because the way we look is a part of us too, we should all know a few easy beauty tricks that could also boost our confidence.

Week In Review: Fashion Week Recap, Three Things To Buy Right Now, More

Don’t miss a single beat from New York Fashion Week; we found the coolest bedazzled shoes on the cheap, the hottest new “it” nail polishes, and the new designer line for Payless. If it’s trends you’re after, brights are fall’s unexpected must-have.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin
Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

The base of the makeup is vital to achieve a perfect, flawless outcome. Those who own a dark complexion should choose foundation as well as the basic elements as concealer and powder according to the basic features of their skin tone.

Sheer Genius

Erica Mayyasi
Sheer  Genius

Tinted moisturizers are surefire picks for easy, natural makeup routines. We’ve scoped out five of our favorites to share with you.

5 Ways to prep your skin for makeup application

Want that flawless model makeup look every day? Follow these five steps to prep your skin for runway-worthy makeup application.

Red hot tips for St Valentines Day

Red is the hottest colour and arouses passion, raising body heat and increasing the heart rate.

How to Highlight Cheekbones
How to Highlight Cheekbones

Makeup is the perfect tool for emphasizing our best features. Celebrities already discovered this small trick and they seem to find huge pleasure in adding a sophisticated and slimming quality to their look. Indeed cheekbones have a crucial role i...

Black Smokey Eye Look Tips…

Using the black smokey eye look tips listed below, you should be able to achieve that oh-so-sultry look that I’ve been seeing a lot of women going for.

Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men From Myla Underwear Designers

Balconettes, basques and bras - don’t worry boys, we’re here to help you navigate your way through the world of women’s lingerie and help you pick out the perfect lingerie gift to excite both you and

How to Wear False Eyelashes
How to Wear False Eyelashes

Doll eyes have always looked great and false eyelashes are the only way you can get your eyes to look glamorous and well defined. Experimenting with eyelashes can be so much fun, because you can add more depth to your eyes, more definition, by sim...

Tips on How to Lose Leg Fat Fast …

I know there are many individuals out there who would like to lose leg fat. If that’s something that has been holding you back, then you are reading the right post! When you lose leg fat, you will notice your self confidence going up and you will ...

Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Certain techniques in your makeup routine can make you look older and are considered serious makeup mistakes. Learn how to avoid the makeup mistakes that make you look older!

Top TEN Fashion No No’s.

WillowRaine TEN Gossip
Top TEN Fashion No No’s.

You know, I figured, although I’m no fashionista by any means, that it would be easy to do this post. I found it increasingly difficult, because there are so many WRONG fashion statements out there. I’ll stick to my jeans, and t-shirts, okay? Thanks.

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