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MAC Cosmetics Eye MakeUp Tips & Trends Hot Smoldering Smokey Eyes Fall Winter 2009 2010

What's hot...the smokey smoldering eye look! Love these smoldering smoky eye looks-from the Zac Posen Fall Runway!

Summer Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Oily Skin is characterized by large pores, roughness and greasy appearance. The sebaceous glands secrete an excess of oil called sebum, making the face look shiny.

How to wear denim shorts
How to wear denim shorts

Q. I've seen lots of adorable denim shorts in magazines and on celebrities lately, and I love the look - both the ragged-edge cut-offs and cute cuffed styles. What style is most flattering on those of us that aren't model-skinny?

Trend Alert: Heavy on the Liner

OK, pencils down, now who's got the right answer? In this case, it's thick black eyeliner.

Party Makeup Bag Essentials
Party Makeup Bag Essentials

Party makeup bag essentials you'll need when going out

How to Fix Makeup Mishaps
How to Fix Makeup Mishaps

Makeup mishaps, let's admit happen extremely often due to weather, our clumsiness and the inappropriate use of makeup products. However it is good to know the difference between something that's funky and what's already awkward and looks just wron...

Faux lashes are real sexy

Erica Mayyasi
Faux lashes are real sexy

For luscious lashes, women have been turning to mascara for years. However the tried and true make-up staple can only get you so far. For truly dramatic eyelashes, it’s all about fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Ready to think outside the bo...

Eyelash Extensions Procedure and Results

Have you ever wondered how come all female celebrities have that sexy, wide-opened, big-eyes look?

Six Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly - Stylehive

Love the planet? Having spent centuries of using and abusing Mother Earth, it's time for humans to start rethinking their normal daily routines.


Wing Sze Tang
Photography: George Pimentel (celebrity) and Anthea Simms (models)

Experts tips and tricks to achieve a professionally polished look—all on your own

Prom Makeup Ideas and Tips
Prom Makeup Ideas and Tips

Matching your makeup with your prom dress is as important as picking up the right dress for you.

Ten tips for using eye makeup safely

Laurie Sammeth
Ten tips for using eye makeup safely

If you wear eye cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner or shadow, be careful. That brown mascara might make you blue. Worse yet, using contaminated eye makeup could land you in the doctor's office. Eye cosmetics can be a breeding ground for infection-ca...

How to save money on clothes and stay fashionable

This funk in the economy isn't going anywhere fast so how to ride out the recession in style? Refreshing your wardrobeWoman with Sale Bag on a shoestring budget means shopping smart- and we've got some tips to help you out along the way.

How To Tie A Tie

Easy, slow motion instructional video on how to tie a tie.

How to Get Smokey Eyes Makeup

The key to obtain smokey eyes stays in proper blending of the colors, to mix light base colors with dark colors to create the smokey eyes effect.

5 Tips to keep hair hydrated

When your hair loses moisture, it can become brittle, dull and lifeless. To hydrate and revive your dry hair, follow these five simple tips.

April's Best Buys

We pulled everything from our April issue that'll get you the look you love for under $300. Now that's smart shopping.

6 ways to wear a scarf

Large square scarves are one of the most versatile accessories around and are right on trend this spring. Here we show some of the many ways to rock one to accessorize any outfit.

How to wear clashing colours

Alice Olins Times Online
How to wear clashing colours

Q: I've noticed a trend for opposing bright colours worn at the same time, but how can I try the look? I'm 35 and size 12

How to Color Your Hair Naturally

Natural hair dyeing might sound strange - however, if you'd ask your grandma, sure she'll tell you some homemade tricks to give your hair a rich, sparkling color.

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