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Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to achieve a natural simple look with makeup.

Trim years off your age with a new haircut

Fearne Cotton's dress..In case you hadn't noticed, lace is the hottest fabric this season. Perfect for evenings, it looks most fabulous when bare skin is peeking through for a look that's sexy but ultra-chic. Make like Fearne and play peek-a-boo w...

Scent Notes | Rêve en Cuir by Indult for Scent Bar

Indult is a tiny Parisian perfume house founded and run by Julien Maselli. It functions according to a clubby modus operandi whereby Maselli makes only 999 bottles of each perfume; when you buy a bottle, you get an Indult membership card — the nam...

How To Look Like A Bollywood Star

Bollywood stars such as Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai always look fantastic with their dramatic makeup and opulent clothing. It's a unique look that always makes an impact. Want to know how to look like a Bollywood star? Never fear. As always, V...

Your Honeymoon Lingerie Can Last Forever

Your wedding is a special time in your life that signifies the beginning of your new life together. After taking your vows, spending time with your entire family and all your friends, you run to your chosen destination to enjoy your honeymoon. Whe...

25 Wonderful Ways to Recycle Your Old Denim Jeans

On a recent dumpster diving trip, we came across several discarded pairs of jeans. They seemed perfectly good and sported no rips, stains or funky smells. Since these 43 X 30s were out of our size range, they went right to the thrift store’s drop ...

Top 10 Seductive Scents to Soothe Your Senses

Mabelle Sese All Women's Talk
Top 10 Seductive Scents to Soothe Your Senses

Just like the clothes that you wear, your perfume says a lot about your style and personality. Stick to a signature fragrance and people will instantly think of you once they smell the scent that you are wearing.

In style: Graduate Fashion Week Gold award winner Jessica Au with models wearing her menswear collection

Graduate fashion week is a fight to the death - so what does it take to succeed in style? Three industry experts give their tips for the top.

Kate Moss (Pic:Rex)

Fashion gurus at share with 10 ways to tackle the credit crunch and keep your wardrobe looking hot...

Menswear: Affordable high-end fashion

Ellen Warren Chicago Tribune
Menswear: Affordable high-end fashion

If you've got good taste and plenty of money, it's easy to put together a great menswear wardrobe. You just walk into a classy store (or several), ask for help, try stuff on, then hand over your credit card.

Fashion Trend: Horizontal Stripes

The Budget Fashionista
Fashion Trend: Horizontal Stripes

We know the fashion mantra -- no horizontal stripes, no horizontal stripes, NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES. But this Spring it seems that designers and retailers have decided to throw us a curveball, with super-cute horizontal stripe-emblazoned tops and dr...

Bésame Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara

I've said this before, and it's worth repeating: There are so many great products on the market today, that a mediocre mascara is simply unacceptable.

Soft Smokey Eye - Archetype Cosmetics

Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, MAC Studio Finish in NC15, PL You Glow Girl setting powder, T'estimo PK-2 blush

Ladies Become the Envy of Their Friends with New Beauty DVD

A new bilingual DVD from Beauty Sensation Cosmetics, titled "How To Apply Your Make-Up," teaches every woman the make-up secrets to alluring, glamorous beauty.

Cosmetics - Of fats or facts?

A dressing table or bathroom contains perfumes, moisturizers, rouge,lipstick, antiaging skin products, face powder, oils, nail polish,sunscreen, hair conditioning, coloring products and deodorants. A miniscule percentage read the ingredient list o...

Makeup tips: take five

Michelle Crouch The News & Observer
Makeup tips: take five

Makeup that isn't cared for doesn't work as well, experts say. Worse, it can clog pores, trigger breakouts and spread bacteria that cause infections.

Look Beautiful Naturally

Anne-Marie Dorning ABC News
Look Beautiful Naturally

A Green Guide to Cosmetics That Are Environmentally Friendly and Natural

Use Eye Cosmetics Safely
Use Eye Cosmetics Safely

The volunteer organization Prevent Blindness America has designated April as Women's Eye Health and Safety Month—a good time to brush up on safe and hygienic ways to store, apply, wear, and remove eye cosmetics.

Five key fashion pieces for this season

Nicola Copping Times Online
Five key fashion pieces for this season

Discover how to wear the best trends of summer, where to get them and expert tips, plus five looks to avoid at all cost

Let's makeup

Beth Cooney Greenwich Time
Don't get swindled at the makeup counter. ( photo)

Tips for negotiating cosmetic counter sales pitches

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