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Lessons from the catwalk

Nathalie Atkinson National Post
Designer David Dixon with his models.  Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Greed is good. But it's expensive. NADA's Dynasty-themed show was an ode to conspicuous consumption (thankfully, sans shoulder pads), but it wasn't the only one. Designers, especially in Toronto, showed so many fancy luncheon suits, day shifts, c...

Made up: beauty recipes you can try at home

They're overpriced, overpackaged and full of chemical nasties. So shouldn't we try cooking up our own cosmetics? Rebecca Armstrong gets busy with the beeswax – because she's worth it

How to Pronounce Fashion Names

Teri Agins The Wall Street Journal

Q: I felt pretty out of it when I asked a saleswoman about the handbags of "Bottega Veneta" -- and she promptly corrected my pronunciation -- to VEN-e-ta instead of ven-ETT-a. Can you give us a little glossary on how to say foreign fashion names l...

DON'T WEAR THAT: British fashion divas Trinny and Susannah entertain the crowd at an Auckland mall.

Fashion divas Trinny and Susannah have style. The What Not To Wear fashion gurus charmed a crowd of mainly middle-aged women on their whistle-stop tour of New Zealand Westfield malls.

Lights! Camera! Action! — Expanding fashion's range

Robb Young International Herald Tribune
Lights! Camera! Action! — Expanding fashion's range

LONDON: Watching a two-minute video of Chloë Sevigny trying on a young designer's clothes might not be as popular as some of the Hollywood star's fashion magazine shoots, but the clip has become a top item in her YouTube category in five short mon...

Want to be sure what’s in your cosmetics? Then make your own

If you wouldn't want to eat it, don't put it on your skin. This is a mantra for consumers who are increasingly alarmed by the number of chemicals used in everyday products. While the jury is still out on whether significant amounts of chemicals ca...

50 fashion questions you should be asking right now

Stumped by spring's new clothes? Fashion expert Mimi Spencer has set up, a website dedicated to answering those conundrums of style that can keep a girl awake at night. Here, she explains what to buy and what not to wear this season

Middle-aged outlook: Dress for respect

Patricia Mclaughlin STLtoday
Middle-aged outlook: Dress for respect

Fashion is not the first thing most people worry about when they start thinking about retirement. They're too busy obsessing about the fun stuff: Social Security, Medicare, pensions (if they're lucky), supplemental health insurance and long-term c...

Your exclusive beauty and grooming tips from MAC cosmetics’ senior make-up artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly

IF you read my column last week you’d know I’d been working with the talented body painting make-up artist Joanne Gair in London and Madrid. She was presenting a masterclass of her work and signing her new book Body Painting, Masterpieces to invit...


To help men with the nerve-racking task of shopping for lingerie, we sent out a covert buyer to find out what to expect

Baby cosmetics can be the reason of sterility

Baby lotions, shampoos and powders can lead to high levels of chemicals in an organism potentially dangerous to health. American researchers have found out that using of this products twice increased phthalate content in children’s urine, informs ...

Grapes boast high potential in anti-ageing market

Guy Monatgue-Jones
Grapes boast high potential in anti-ageing market

French grapes are generally destined for life in the wine bottle but more and more are finding their way into cosmetics as demand for edible anti-ageing ingredients soars.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Healthier Beauty Products or Hollow Hype?

In the last twenty years, the market for organic foods has grown steadily as more and more American consumers become conscious of the additives, hormones, preservatives, stimulants, and genetic engineering used in much of the world's food supply.

Beauty with benefits: Makeup that’s good for you

Style editor Bobbie Thomas highlights products that perform double duty

8 Style Musts If You're Front Row At NYC Fashion Week (Or Would Like To Be)

1. Well, let's see, no sooner had I written a piece entitled "The Death of the Designer Handbag," than I see the Wall Street Journal has written almost exactly the same article in last weekend's paper. I predicted it, the WSJ blessed it, so, I thi...

Idiot's guide to lingerie

Marchelle Hermanus iafrica
Idiot's guide to lingerie

With a glint in her eye she says that she would like nothing more than to slip into her little red number and thank you personally for her gift. You sigh with pleasure… after all the delay and anxiety you realise you've bought her the best present...

Japanese Cosmetics in the UK (and Where to Get Them)

As requested by a reader, today I am focusing on Japanese cosmetics brands available in the UK and where they can be found.

What to Wear in the Air: Travelers' Fashion Tips

Light-Weight Fabrics, Clean Cuts and Secrets to Getting There Wrinkle-Free

Mary Portas knows why some stores prove irresistible to WAGs like Alex Curran

Retail guru and 'Queen of Shops' Mary Portas is coming to Belfast to advise fashion retailers how to work their trade. She talks to Judith Col

Intimate Advice: A Lingerie Designer's Picks

Christina Passariello The Walla Street Journal
Intimate Advice: A Lingerie Designer's Picks

Whether you go for delicate lingerie or simple bras and underpants, the key to feeling confident in your underwear, says lingerie designer Valérie Delafosse, is getting the fit right.

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