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Chemical makeup: Knowing your pH level can help maintain healthy skin

You probably remember the soap commercials showing the pH tests on the paper strips. The soap in question would be played against another soap with a higher pH. The first soap was praised to have the same pH as water. But what does this all mean f...

Sharon Takeda (top) and Kaye Spilker

Los Angeles may be known more for its celebrity than its couture, but at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), curators Sharon S. Takeda and Kaye D. Spilker have been quietly building a collection that highlights today's most creative cout...

Camouflage Cosmetics: Make-up Techniques After Plastic Surgery

You have recently had plastic surgery or are considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. Is there a way to camouflage the incision marks, bruising and swelling that often result from surgery in the days or weeks during your healing proces...

Tips for Cosmetics Use After Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Surgery
Tips for Cosmetics Use After Blepharoplasty

After blepharoplasty, sutures and swelling remains there for few days. Once sutures from eyelids removed and the swelling over eyelids starts resolve, some patients try to camouflage haunting discoloration of blepharoplasty surgery. Camouflage is ...

Make-up can affect a woman's mood

We reveal how wearing make-up can affect a woman's mood

Brian Bailey's ten tips for a fashion makeover

10 Go to a good bra-fitter and give yourself a lift! Know the correct fit of your bra and that it will change every few years. If you try on clothes in a bra that doesn't fit, no dress will work. You might as well wear that comfy, this-will-do dre...

Style solutions for common fashion quandaries

Style expert Jenn Falik shares style breakthroughs for those times you are caught in a snag.

Dressing great in 2008

LaMont Jones Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Stacy Innerst/Post-Gazette illustration

A fashion editor wishes for readers to spiff up wardrobes, themselves, Downtown

10 new fashion rules for 2008

Lisa Armstrong Times Online
10 new fashion rules for 2008

We all love rules – but some fashion diktats need of an update. Lisa Armstrong reveals the guidelines we really need

How to wear seamed stockings

PandorasChoice Blogspot
How to wear seamed stockings

To wear vintage lingerie seamed stockings you will need to buy a suspender belt unless they are hold up stockings. Suspender belts come in a variety of different styles but in the main are extremely comfortable and sexy to wear. Suspender belts ar...

Showing Your Thong Is So Y2K - Here’s A Modern Solution

What: Hip-T, $19.95 Why: Enough is enough. It’s time to lay off the crack. Not only is it bad for your image, but it’s hurting your friends, neighbors, and that poor stranger stuck behind you when you bend down to tie your shoes.

5 Hair Care Myths - Did You Know That …?

Think shaving your head will make hair grow faster? Or you believe your split ends might be mended by using a right hair product? Continue reading to find out myths and truths behind great-looking hair!

Homemade Hair Care Cosmetics

There are many hair care products in stores, so why you should go natural? First of all, this way you will know what exactly do you use for your hair. Regular shampoos usually contain a lot of synthetic additives that can harm you. If your conditi...

Sweet Allure Beauty Cosmetics and Makeup Video Training

Sweet Allure Beauty Cosmetics and Makeup Video Training

10 Free Ways to Determine If Your Skin Care Products Are Safe

Is a lead laced lipstick slowly making you senile? Is that $175 Petri dish of wrinkle cream mutating your skin cells into cancer cells? Is your teeth whitener covertly exaggerating your premenstrual symptoms?

The husband who went to Lingerie school to get sexy underwear for his wife

Ten years ago, I promised myself I would never again buy sexy underwear for a woman.


Does your hair color give you flawless-looking skin and bright, flashing eyes? No? Perhaps it's time to turn up the heat, says Maggie Bullock

Secrets Of Successful Male Models

Secrets Of Successful Male Models

The best ways to be successful as a new male model often require changing your thinking, and being flexible:

How To Become A Model - FEMALE

How To Become A Model - FEMALE

Are you enough honest evaluate yourself? Do you fit in this profession? Just praising of your looks by your friends is not enough. You must posses a package of great looks. Since in this profession you have to make other people to looks like you. ...

Natasha Talks Accessories: A Teen's Guide to Fashion, Clothes, Jewelry and Makeup

The easiest way to change your lookis through accessories, says Natasha Darras, 16, a rising star on the highschool golf circuit in southern California.

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