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5 Classy & Easy-To-Make Hair Styles For New Year's Eve

You've chosen a dress for this special occasion already, haven't you? What about your party hairdo? Renowned hair stylist Mark Garrison and his staff at Mark Garrison Salon, New York City, recommend the following beautiful and classic styles that ...

The Prettiest Beauty Gift Sets This Christmas

Not everyone is born with a natural instinct to pick the right gifts, and because of the great selection of quality beauty products, sometimes it can be really hard to choose. The following beauty gift sets will ease your pain when shopping for p...

Last-Minute Fabulous Christmas Makeup Inspirations

Winter is the season of love, joy and excitement, and Christmas is also the period when you can really have fun experimenting with your look. Adopt the following fabulous Christmas makeup ideas and match them with glittery outfits for a unique and...

Cute DIY Nail Art for X'mas

Check out these Christmas-themed cute nail art ideas and find inspiration to show off your personality.

Festive Makeup Looks By Metallic Eye Shadow

The key to maximize the effect of metallic eye shadows is to choose a colour and application technique that will accentuate your eyes, while harmonizing with your lip colour.

Beautiful Nail Art Ideas for Christmas 2012

Take a look at these beautiful nail art ideas below and find inspiration to create your individual style for your Christmas appearances now!

Perfect Beauty Gift Ideas for New Moms

During the upcoming holiday season, don't forget to give your new mom sister or girlfriend a thoughtful present. The following ideas may be a perfect gift for spoiling our weary loved ones.

Chic Winter Styles Directly From The Streets

You don't have to look far for trendy winter fashion: turn to the streets for inspirations and see how fellow trend-conscious gals dress. Here are some looks that are worth copying, as they are both warm & stylish.

Best Affordable Holiday 2012 Beauty Sets

The holidays are approaching, so it's high time you did some gift shopping. One of the most popular ideas for ladies are beauty sets. You cannot really go wrong with that. Check out the following beautiful multi-colour eyeshadow palettes, makeup k...

Funny & Scary Makeup Ideas for Halloween [VIDEO]

Halloween is just around the corner. Don't waste your time any longer. Update your stylish Halloween look with one of these 4 funny yet scary makeup ideas. Check out the tutorials below.

How To Apply Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner [VIDEO]

If you want to achieve a classic drama queen look, vampy red lips paired with a winged eyeliner are a perfect combination. Check out the following makeup tutorials, including an explanation of what makeup products were used.

The Best Bangs for Any Face Shape

Are you planning to get your bangs cut and considering which style suits you the best? Look at the following examples, as showcased by celebrities, and choose the one that is the most suitable for your face shape.

Trendy Patriotic Nail Art Inspired By The Olympics

Check out the best patriotic manicure inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Hottest Slit Skirts

Sexy, feminine and attractive, slit skirts are top fashion choices this season. Let's see how one can pair them with other outfits in order to show off some skin and accentuate their shapely legs tastefully.

4 Easy No Heat Hair Styles: How to do Messy Buns!

Its totally fine not to wash your hair every day. If you do, it dries it out and it breaks easily. Just cause she doesn't wash her hair everyday doesn't mean she doesn't shower every day. Its better to wash your hair every other day or every 3 da...

Ways to Wear Leather

Ways to Wear Leather

Pulling off leather can be tricky, but in this video I show you how I style it.

16 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

Danielle Pergament Allure
16 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

With the right tricks, turning back the clock can be as simple as opening your makeup bag

1 Dress, 7 Looks: How to Re-Wear Your Prom Dress

Have you ever bought a dress but only ended up wearing it once?? (*ahem prom, anyone???). I say, if you loved it once then it's worth wearing it 2..3...4...5...6..7 times!!! Here I'll show you how to take one dress and wear it in 7 different ways !

Best Swimsuit For Your Body Shopping Guide 2012

Our Ultimate Swimsuit Guide — Get the Best Fit For Your body

The GQ Guide to Suits

Presenting our exhaustive guide to that wardrobe cornerstone, the suit: the styles you need, the fit you want, and how to put it all together with aplomb

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