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Outerwear Trends For Fall 2013 [PHOTOS]

Autumn is just around the corner. These stylish and luxurious coats, jackets and capes made by high fashion labels like Balenciaga, Versace, Fendi, Givenchy and Roberto Cavalli among others, will dress you up in an elegant sophisticated way to wel...

Trend Alert: Water Prints for Fall 2013

One of the hottest autumn trends this year will be water prints, as seen across many Fall 2013 collections. Dion Lee's body-con dresses for Resort, Just Cavalli's intarsia-knit pullover with a Hokusai-esque rip current, Mary Katrantzou's scenic la...

10 Trendy Denim Shirts You'll Love

Denim shirts always add a casual style or relaxed feel to any outfit, and may mix and match perfectly with dresses, flouncy skirts or shorts. From worn-in Western tops to unconventional patchwork pieces, here are 10 trendy denim shirts that will m...

New Trend: White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoo is a permanent skin decoration, similar to black or coloured tattoos, but it has been done entirely in white. These skin decorations have become increasingly popular. They are distinctly delicate and subtle, and may even glow when...

Trend Alert: Cute and Fashionable Medium Pixie Haircuts

Thanks to their feminine and eye-catching style, pixie haircuts are a suitable choice for those who want to get noticed. Here are some cute medium pixie haircuts that will surly attract attention and flatter your face instantly.

Trendy Men’s Hairstyles for Summer 2013

Gents, if you want to turn heads this summer, you mustn’t skip these trendy hairstyles. This season, men’s hairstyles focus on slick side partings with an added length that helps create an altogether more refined and formal look. The alternative c...

Celebrities In Love With Jumpsuits This Summer

In the steamy summer heat, many celebrities choose stylish jumpsuits to achieve comfortable yet chic looks while strolling the streets or attending a fancy gala event.

Top Summer Fashion Trends in 2013

We can happily report it that summer is here with cheeky or bold styles being all the rage this year. Check out the following fun fashion and beauty trends, which you are strongly recommended to wear this season.

Trend Alert: Asymmetrical Statement Bob Haircuts

2013 seems to be the year of the bob that is so versatile and may be transformed easily to suit every taste and style. For those of you, who are considering an asymmetrical bob haircut, you shouldn't miss the following outstanding and statement ha...

Top 5 Essential Spring 2013 Accessories for Gents

Check out the top 5 essential Spring 2013 accessories and update your look! Each of these trends are so classic and elegant that all the gents will die to try them on this spring.

The Trendiest Hair Accessories to Try This Season

From vibrant embellished headbands to classic ribbons, these hair accessories are essential to try on this spring / summer to create elegant and stylish looks.

New Trend: Two-tone Denim Jeans

Patchwork and bi-tone clothing items once believed awkward are now all the rage. Read my lips: denim jeans with two-tone designs are one of the hottest fashion choices this season. You can pair them with a basic tee or simple accessories in order ...

Botanical Trend: Flower Headbands for Spring 2013

Being promoted and brought back by Lana Del Rey, floral headbands, the botanical trend could not be more perfect for spring. If you want to don a natural-floral girl look, pick up your favorite flowers and make a trendy crown. Find some beautiful ...

Spring / Summer 2013 Makeup Trend: Brown Eyes

The Spring / Summer 2013 eye makeup trend will focus on shades of taupe, coffee and beige. Yes, brown shades return again to promote sculpted, sophisticated looks. Practice your shading technique with a palette of earthy browns to stay up-to-date ...

Sexiest Nail Polish Colours For Spring 2013

Don’t miss these 6 fashionable colours from your nail polish collection. Enjoy the spring season with your perfect, sexy nails.

Peanut Palette For Spring?! Why Not?

Ranging from taupe to camel, the neutral peanut colour adds a sweet, buttery touch to your look, while promoting sophisticated elegance. Sounds cool? Now, have a look at these suggestions below on how to mix and match your outfits and accessories ...

How to wear animal prints [PHOTOS]

If you are considering incorporating bold animal prints into your everyday style or for a special occasion, take a look at these stylish combinations worn by various fashion bloggers. Enjoy!

New Body Art Trend: Graffiti On Scantily-Clad Girls

Graffiti on girls is a new, street-style body paint trend that has become an internet hit. has started the phenomenon of nude tagging. Girls - models, artists and 'girl next door types' - from all over the world upload photos of thems...

5 Statement Trends Shaking Up Spring 2013

Transform yourself into a stylish fashionista, and update your wardrobe in the upcoming season with these 5 fabulous trends, spotted on runway shows.

Top Women's Hairstyles for 2013

As a hairdo is often part of a woman's individual style, you'd better continuously explore new trends to stay fashionable. Update your feminine locks now according to the latest trends with the following glamorous and chic hairstyles.

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