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Trend Alert: Colour bleeding / Ombre

Colour bleeding or 'ombre' as the fashionistas call it, is gearing up to be a massive trend from this season right through to spring/summer next year.


Fashion Stuff Blog

So what is it about hoodies that make people like wearing them?

A woman shops for clothes at a Talbots store.

Andrea Colby is on strike against the world of fashion. The 37-year-old publicist has never been a big style risk taker, but even mainstream names like Jones New York and AnnTaylor-- brands that she had been once loyal to -- are becoming too staid...

Fabrics for a material girl - and M&S is selling them for a snip

Anyone who wants to buy into Planet Fashion’s more forward-thinking trends next summer could do a lot worse than popping into Marks & Spencer.

Creative T-Shirts

Sindjelic Nebojsa
Creative T-Shirts

Victoria Beckham does monochrome

In this boldly patterned mini dress, Victoria Beckham demonstrates why retro prints are hot in LA.

Oakley Split Thump Review

Oakley’s line of wearable tech has evolved once again… and its certainly improving!

C&M + AMT Reusable Shoppers

Why, yes, this IS yet another option for your reusable grocery shopping bag collection.

Reebok Timetanium: A Math Nerd's Dream

John Maeda, of MIT Media Lab fame got together with Reebok (not sexually) to develop a new shoe. John is well known (by some) for his math and design skills, and the resulting shoe, the Timetanium, is the resulting hybrid of these two fields.

Man Files Patent For Taser-Proof Clothing

The picture above is a diagram from an Arizona man's US Patent application showing his taser-proof clothing.

Flip and Tumble

Ok so when i get on a reusable bag trend… and try to stop… it’s hard! Because now everyone who finds new reusable shopping bags is sending them over, and i just have to share one more with you.



Re-Bag is an exhibition of Limited Edition Reusable Canvas Bags designed by 15 leading UK designers running from Oct 5-11 at the Sea Gallery in London.

Fashion Sidekicks

Wow, what happens when you give 15 fashion designers sidekicks to do what they want with? Some pretty crazy fashion/artsy looking phones.

Tulip E-Go, the first lifestyle notebook

The notebook segment is the fastest growing segment within the computer market worldwide. The development of the notebook segment shows that mobility is becoming a key feature of computers.

Flower Pattern Fashion

Flower-pattern fashion has come back again!! The flowery pattern always makes itself a "Hot Trend" in almost every summer. If you already have them in the closet, take them out!! For those who do not want to be outmoded for this new fashion, find ...

New Trend For Spring/Summer 2005

A concept for a new trend for Spring/Summer 2005 is inspired by exotic places around the world together with nature and art. Accessories are also blended in this collection.. come and check it out!

Jacket Age : New look

Jacket Age : New look

Long, tight jackets in dark color seems to be out of "trend" for this year. A new look for a jacket : short, loose, soft, and also cool are the new definitions for modern jackets. If you do not want to be unfashionable, fetch one and be in trend!!

Your Style...Your Taste

What you wear is what you are. Clothes can reflect yourself so others can see. Women and fashion have been together like partnes for so long. Fashion seems to switch all the time and it is women who have to follow and try thier best not to be outm...

EDC by Esprit Spring/Summer 2005

EDC welcomes the Spring and Summer 2005 with a brand new collection. Colors and the variety of cultures are brought to be the main theme of this collection. This new collection is inspired by a popular Hippy trend plus an easy-going Tropical Sprin...

Weaving and Knitting

Weaving and Knitting

Weaving and knitting are new and hot trend nowadays. It is almost the same as a craft which is a handmade. To make this "plain and neat" handmade craft looks even more interesting, you can wear it with belt which can be adapted to be your style of...

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