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Must-have Products

Keep Your Skin Healthy Every Day

Must-have products that you should use every day to keep your skin healthy, clean and beautiful!

Mysterous Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Ancient Egyptian fashion, especially jewelry inspire even today's gals, as it never goes out of style. Try some gorgeous jewelry here to channel your Egyptian spirit.

Winter Trend: Cute & Warm

Winter is on our doorstep along with the holidays & fun outdoor activities! With these knits, you will stay warm but cute all the time.

Welcoming Halloween

With only 3 weeks left, Halloween is on our doorstep. Have you started preparing for this joyful holiday yet? Here are some must-have products that will surprise both you and your friends! Be a hell of a stylish gal!

Must-have items for the coming fall

Every woman wants to be beautiful, lovely and sexy, but not all of us have enough time, money and energy for shopping. Get yourself these items & you will look top trendy & sophisticated all season long.

The Social Shopper: Brighten up your day with printed accessories

We are halfway through Milan Fashion Week and one thing is clear: bold, bright patterns are going to be hard to miss come 2012. But what if you aren’t sure head-to-toe prints are right for you? That’s easy: Take baby steps by trying on some printe...

Trend Report: Glitter Sparkle Heels

Speaking of heels, I would like to present you a new hit: Glitter Sparkle Heels. Would you like to bejewel your feet? Do you want to look gorgeous? Here are some must-have items!

Alexander McQueen’s scarves for the Summer 2011

“God Save McQueen” , Burton's new collection of silk scarves, is inspired by McQueen’s love of mixing reality and fiction; fashion and luxury; fantasy and art.

Classy '90s lipstick for the summer

Even though summer tend to be full of happy, vivid corals and pinks, there's another lip trend too; which mixes deep magenta-red with a little shimmer, they are for sure going to give you the perfect '90s, Drew Barrymore style.

“Someday” by Justin Bieber

It’s no secret that Bieber is the biggest teen star to hit Hollywood nowadays. Bieber has already pushed out a unisex fragrance “My World” and nail polish, and now his new Eau de Parfum for women, “Someday.” The fragrance will surely be the new tr...

Amazing Chocolate Fashion- wearable & eatable!

Chocolate tastes great, makes us feel happy and can look incredibly sexy when eaten slowly. I’ve seen chocolate as presents, drinks, prizes and much more, but chocolate clothing?! Now hold on tight!;)

Hot new spandex by Butch Diva

If your wardrobe is missing some clothes that command attention, comfortable and flexible- you are in the need of some new spandex! So check out the unique and extremely creative designs by BUTCH DIVA!

The Aviary by We Are Handsome- Swimwear Collection 2011

Australian swimwear brand “We Are Handsome” launched its 2011 collection titled “The Aviary”. The collection includes one-piece and two-piece swimsuits for every body type. The prints are original and beautiful in all kinds of warm shades which de...

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

Cosmetic brand Illamasqua is well-known for its dramatic makeup collections. Their latest creation for the season - Toxic Nature Makeup Collection with its vibrant color palette, completely meets the makeup trend of 2011!

Lipstick Heels by Alberto Guardiani

How can you make an outfit stand out with just shoes alone? Makeup and high heels are the two must when it comes to women's formal wear... Well, these shoes blend the two. Alberto Guardiani, Italian stylist's lipstick heels collection is simply gl...

Spring/ Summer 2011 Headwear Trend: Turban

These days turbans are bright, hot and cool, they come in a variety of neon colors and can be worn with evening gowns, romantic dresses and other outfits.

Ralph Lauren Introduces Solar Panel Backpack

Ralph Lauren is heading for green products. The latest RLX Solar Panel Backpack is one example of Ralph Lauren’s effort to collaborate green tech into fashion industry.

1,300£ Betfair Horse Hoof Shoes

Cheltenham racegoers are often more interested in fashion than in horses, however this year the combination of both kind of fascination seem to create the latest chic-style!

Sukhita - Natural Spa at Home

Do you believe in the philosophy of "sound mind in sound body"? "SUKHITA" derives from Pali-Sanskrit language. It means ecstasy, happiness and good health.

Newspaper Rain Bag

The rain comes, we are outside and we don’t have an umbrella. When this happens to me, I often find myself using the bag at my disposal, which sometimes has a disastrous effect on it. Well, the rainy season isn’t about to come but it’s probably be...

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