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Men's Wear

World fashion film festival to premiere in berlin (ber)

The first World Fashion Film Festival will premiere in Berlin this month - the festival will be awarding designers, who have produced their own visual commercials encompassing their creative signature in a video clip.

A model in the Prada menswear show. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP

For decades, male designers have delighted in dressing women exactly how they like, no matter how tricky to wear or unflattering the clothes. Men, by contrast, have always been able to take refuge in a well-tailored suit.

Cologne Basics

Michael A. Lubarksy
Cologne Basics

Cologne can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Most men make the mistake of thinking they need to choose a single scent for themselves. The truth is modern colognes enhance your sartorial decisions and add dimension to the way you present yo...

Trends in Men’s Cosmetics

Gone are those days when cosmetics were considered only for women. Today more than eighty percent of the men are very much concerned about their looks and the way they dress up.

TV fashion therapist helps gents shop to break from past

Marie Burchill South Manchester Reporter
In one era...the chic shop as it looks after its modern revamp

A TV FASHION guru has dragged a Chorlton menswear shop into the 21st century. H.T Burt on Wilbraham Road, which has been open since 1895, has undergone a complete transformation from an ailing shop stuck in a ‘timewarp’ to one stocking the latest ...

Male Fashion Models on Popular Designer Clothes

Fashion Trends and Style Blogpost
Steve Klein promoting D & G

A suit from the Elliot Gant collection. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/GANT

NEW YORK - Here's the big headline for style-conscious men in 2008: Buy a skinnier tie. Yes, in the world of men's fashion, the shrinking of the tie from a 9.5 centimetre width to around 8.25 centimetres counts as monumental news.

Vulcania watch is one part steampunk, one part future

Even though this watch is actually a steampunk-inspired creation — made apparent by the name, Vulcania — I can't help but think it has a futuristic steampunk feel due to the clean metals and design. Designer Fabrice Gonet dreamed up this watch thr...

‘Structured Casual’ Look

Drew Fiedler Men's Flair
‘Structured Casual’ Look

One of my favorite looks, regardless of changing fashions and trends is what I would define as “structured casual.” In contrast to the bohemian intellectual look, this style is more sophisticated and urbane as well as likely easier to coordinate w...

Onscreen Styles: American Gangster

Farah Averill
Onscreen Styles: American Gangster

The film: Set in the 1970s, this crime blockbuster directed by Ridley Scott stars Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas, a real-life Harlem drug lord, and Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts, the detective determined to crack Lucas’ operation. An impressiv...

Goldenbulge: David Beckham in the full-frontal ad

As a footballer and a family man he has courted maximum exposure.

Square-toed shoes

Charlie Neuman
Square-toed shoes

Square-toed shoes have gotten a bad rap. Some fashion designers have compared them to acid-washed jeans. Others have put them in the same category as PT Cruisers, calling them a bad fad that won't last.

Leather Ankle Boots: Trendy, Stylish and Practical

One trend that has been on the steady rise this fall is the resurgence of stylish, leather ankle boots that can be worn either dressed up or casually.

Manolo for Men

Manolo for Men

There's no argument from me that Manolo Blahnik is absolutely the best known shoe maker in the world thanks to the girls from Sex and the City, and his heels for the girls are absolutely amazing.

The One Button Suit

Michael A. Lubarsky
The One Button Suit

The current trend dressing men is the simple but elegant one-button suit. After years of enduring the three-button suit for every occasion, the two-button standard eventually found its way back into the fashion circuit. Today, however, men around ...

Polo Ralph Lauren Woven Oxford pyjama pant

These pyjama pants from Polo Ralph Lauren have a stretch drawstring waistband with a central branded label. Designed to fit loosely, they have a two button fly.

BOSS Black
BOSS Black

BOSS Black has supplied a wash bag with this two pack of boxer shorts. Each is styled in cotton rich stretch jersey with a wide branded waistband and no fly.

Military Stance

Maxim Magazine UK
Military Stance

Women love men in uniforms – fact! Not that we are recommending for one second that you go and hire one from a costume shop for the rest of the season.

Volume players - The season's 15 best sweaters

Chunky, rough-hewn, and roomy, the season's coolest sweaters are also the warmest.

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