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Fabulous Christmas Jewelry Gifts for Her

You cannot make a big mistake if you give one of these fabulous pieces of jewelry for your loved one for Christmas.

The Power of Ethnic Jewels

Ethnic jewelry is a really hot trend nowadays accessorized with various beads and charms in stunning colours and fantastic designs. Have a look at some fabulous pieces from South Africa, as seen on the blog "Thoughts of PAPS".

Trendy Coach Bags Collection 2011-2012

The new 2011-2012 Coach Bags collection comes in amazingly chic and versatile designs. The color palette of the handbags ranges from the daring vivid hues, like blue and pink to classy sandy tones and beige.

Electrifying Chic Deluxe Tux

See how electric furs and feathers can add spark to a classic evening pantsuit.

Stylish Jewelry Stands

Jewelry stands have more functions than simply storing your fabulous pieces of jewelry and accessories on them. They are also great for decorating your room and showing off your style.

Beautiful Holiday Hair Accessories

Bejewel your locks and change your hairstyle in an instant with one of these beautiful hair accessories.

Seasonal fashion: Trendy hats

Hats are accessories, but not least, these small items can add a totally fresh touch to your style, making it even more perfect. Update your wardrobe with these trendy hats for a new look in the upcoming season!

Classic Watches: The ultimate Christmas presents for your guy

Here are some beautiful watch ideas for a Christmas present for your boyfriend/husband/partner.

Designer accessories for high-profile ladies

These accessories are some of the top choices of ELLE magazine's fashion editors.

Which shoes are top hits for spring 2012

Looking at these jaw-dropping heels, sandals and wedges from spring 2012 collections, may cause you to choose more than one pair of trendy footwear for the coming season...

Luxurious Chanel Jewelry

Chanel is an iconic fashion trade mark whose each and every collection boasts a unique style admired by so many fashion fans around the world.

Beautiful Bridal Headpieces

These beautiful bridal veils and headpieces are the icing on the wedding cake :)

Brace Yourself for Winter with Cute Accessories

Check out some must-have cool winter accessories. All will keep you safe and warm and are still very fashionable!

Really Sweet Pink Girlie Accessories

It is amazing what a great difference some well-chosen sweet, girlie and stylish accessories can make to your outfit!

Beautiful Winter Accessories

Beside warm clothes, these trendy dramatic mink, shearling, fox, and exotic fur accessories will also give you comfort in the cold winter weather.

Versace for H&M Accessories

After successful revealing the Versace collection for H&M, now they continue show off a fantatis colorful and exuberant line of accessories for both men and women. And now, with just a few week left until the collection will finally hit the stores...

Last Minute picks: Accessories for Halloween 2011

This weekend is Halloween, so if you are still at loss what accessories to choose for your scary outfit, here are some last-minute ideas with the theme "think black".

Designer Bags for Fall/Winter 2011

A bag for work, a bag for going out with friends, a bag to match your new dress - there are many occasions that justify why we girls need to buy new bags all the time :) Which one will you choose for this autumn and winter?

Exclusive diamond timepieces by Seah Watches

Take a look at some terrific, luxury watches made by Swiss maker Seah. They will give you a reason why you need to wear your personality on your wrist.

Irresistible Jewelry Splurges

These necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are so stunning, you'll never want to take them off. Check them out!

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