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Pretty Thin Men

Feminist Philosophers
Pretty Thin Men

Apparently the models above represent the new ideal male model. And what do they say? Incipient annorexia.

Russian Fashion Models

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Russian Fashion Models

A Russian model shows the latest Russian fashion, A model presents a creation by Russian fashion house "Fresh Art" during a show at the Russian Fashion Week in a night club in Moscow

Campbell calls for more models of colour

Naomi Campbell kicked off Berlin Fashion Week with a call to fashion designers to use more models from different ethnic backgrounds.

Small changes: Carole White has been a model agent for 26 years

With London Fashion Week about to start, LIZ JONES visits one of the biggest model agencies in the world to find out if the industry has made progress in the debate about skinny models...

Russian beauty is in vogue

As the Israeli fashion industry grows, designers and photographers have struck a problem - a shortage of Russian models. Israel is on the hunt for Russian beauties to put on the cover of glossy magazines.

Paris Hilton Posing for a Fila Photoshoot

Paris Hilton models for a Fila photoshoot on the deck of a yacht in Marina del Rey, Ca. The popular heiress spent over eight hours on the shoot and went through several clothing changes for the sporty clothing line.

PHOTO/VIDEO: Sexy Jessica Alba in Elle

The actress that rules the minds of men, has posed for the newest issue of Elle.

Male Fashion Models on Popular Designer Clothes

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Steve Klein promoting D & G

Chanel's Spring 2008 Advertising Campaign With Claudia Schiffer

Back in November, we saw the behind the scenes candids of Claudia Schiffer posing for Chanel's new Spring 2008 advertising campaign.

Six Naked Victoria's Secret Models? Yes Please!

You'd think seeing a bunch of Victoria's Secret models in the nude wouldn't be such a big deal, considering that Victoria's Secret models already spend all their time in their underwear (yes, all their time, that's all they do, so shut up).

Sarkozy and the Supermodel

Vivienne Walt Time
Sarkozy and the Supermodel

It was just two months ago that the French media shrugged off their curiosity about President Nicolas Sarkozy's divorce from his wife Cécilia, and said they would not pry into the private life of their first-ever single President, nor care which w...

Pulse CMS: The regional clash of the fashion titans

With their high heels and makeup brushes in tow, the island representatives in Pulse's Caribbean Model Search (CMS) flew into the island this week to tape the final showdown in their journey to becoming the Caribbean's next supermodel.

Karolina Kurkova’s Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot

We caught supermodel Karolina Kurkova in St. Bart’s for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot.

Christy Turlington for Escada

Karmen Horvat Javno
Christy Turlington for Escada

It seems the 38-year-old US supermodel is celebrating her comeback with a campaign for Escada.

Victoria's Secret famous fashion model, Adriana Francesca Lima

She ranked 7th on FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2007 and was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, in May 2007. On June 13, 2007, she was awarded as "Hottest Girl on the Planet" at the first Spike TV Guys' Choic...

Asian Race Models
Asian Race Models

Miss China Wins Miss World Pageant

23-year-old Zhang Zilin, who holds the title Miss China, has won the Miss World pageant, with Miss Angola and Miss Mexico the top runners-up.

Zhang Zilin

Zilin was born in Shi Jia Zhuang City in Hei Bei Province, then moved to the capital, Beijing that will host the 2008 Olympic Games. She attended the University of Science & Technology and attained a Degree in Business Administration, and is now w...

Katie Price has no shame

The Superficial
Katie Price has no shame

Katie Price purposely flashed her panties outside of a London club last night.

Starving for an Image - The Issue of Super Skinny Models

The fashion industry is more than just selling clothes; it’s about selling an image. A large part of that image for many in this industry is looking tall and thin, really thin. The argument for desiring the stick-thin appearance is that the clothe...

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