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Timeless Chanel 'Prestige' Eyewear Ad Campaign [PHOTOS]

French fashion giant Chanel has chosen stunning models Nadja Bender and Ashleigh for the face of its latest 'Prestige' eyewear ad. The beauties appear in chic, classic, and timeless eyewear designs from the brand. Check out these stunning black & ...

Luxurious Chanel Cruise 2013 Collection Inspired By 18th Century Fashion

Check out the campaign photos of the French luxury fashion house Chanel's Cruise 2013 Collection that was inspired by eighteenth-century aristocratic fashion. The gorgeous pieces include voluminious skirts, tweed jackets and beautiful accessories....

Fashion special: Still crazy about Coco

Chanel revolutionised women’s fashion, and 25 years after Karl Lagerfeld took over, the label is as iconic as ever, says Susannah Frankel

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel

Hilary Alexander Telegraph
Lagerfeld transformed classic Chanel items into fresh, young looks

“Coco” Chanel once remarked “there is no fashion for the old”.

Fashion merry-go-round at Chanel show in Paris

PARIS, Feb 29 (Reuters) - Karl Lagerfeld unveiled a Chanel woman for the 21st century on Friday to a front row filled with A-list stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kanye West and Claudia Schiffer.