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Lovelier with sunglasses

Lovelier with sunglasses - Sunglasses

Do you like hiding behind beautiful sunglasses? Do you think they make you more confident and mysterous? But above all, do you know how to choose the best for your face shpe? I'll present some typical types of face and sunglasses fit for them.

The round face

To elongate your face and make it look slimmer, opt for narrow angular deep frames with a bridge to widen the eyes. Rectangular frames are the best pick.

Lovelier with sunglasses - Sunglasses

The oval face

People with oval faces should opt for wider sunglasses; the sunglasses' frame is supposed to be broader than the broadest feature on your face. You can also opt for a shallow, not too narrow frame.

Lovelier with sunglasses - Sunglasses

The square face

In order to make it look long, you should lean towards rounded frames to balance out all your angles.

Lovelier with sunglasses - Sunglasses

The heart face

For this type of face, glasses should always provide a nice contrast to your face shape to create a sense of balance and highlight natural features.

Lovelier with sunglasses - Sunglasses


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