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Win Over Your Date

Win Over Your Date - DKSH - Levi's - Fashion - Men's Wear - Trends

No matter how many dates experienced, many young men still feel nervous and not confident how to make a next date memorable enough to begin a relationship. That can be a worry of the past with some expert tips for a successful date.

Mr. Ponsinh Boutkaska, Marketing Manager of Fashion Apparel Division at DKSH (Thailand) Limited, the Thai distributor of Levi’s® jeanswear, said: “Going on a date is the chance for you to create an impression and build a relationship. It is therefore important to pay special attention to your appearance and personality. Be yourself and make sure you dress right for the place. In addition, you should have some basic idea of what women want and what you should avoid in a date.”

Win Over Your Date - DKSH - Levi's - Fashion - Men's Wear - Trends

Well-groomed is half done

Based on scientific studies, the first ten seconds of each date create the first impression, which is largely dominated by the outer appearance. This impression embeds lastingly and is difficult to change. So, if you don’t want to fail right from the start, follow the advice below.

Face – Choose the right facial cleansing product for your skin type and don’t wash your face more than twice a day because that can lead to imbalanced skin. Give your skin added moisture by using a moisturizing skin treatment cream. It is also a good idea to choose one with whitening formula. In addition, keep your skin protected against the UV ray every time you go outdoor by applying a sun cream 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

Hairstyle – Your hair speaks volumes about your image and men should also find time for a nice hairdo. Choose a hairstyle based on the shape of your face and the type of your hair. For added touch of style, give your hair a new color, such as golden brown that goes along well

and helps brighten the skin tone of Thai people. Don’t forget to have your hair nicely set to enhance your look for that special date.

Physique – Ensure complete intake of all the five key nutrients and avoid alcoholic drinks. Remember that emotional eating is a major cause of obesity. Also spare time for at least 3 sessions of workout every week, a minimum of 30 minutes per session.

Outfits – A rule of thumb is to choose clothes that match your lifestyle and learn how to mix and match the items that you have. For instance, the basic combination of T-shirt and jeans can be special simply by opting for black color for an austere look, or appear more relaxing with a pair of jeans that gives the wearing comfort you need. You can even look trendy by getting accessorized with a pair of hip glasses or an overlaying shirt. Don’t forget decency, however, because even the most expensive outfits can look cheap if worn in the wrong place and occasion.

Win Over Your Date - DKSH - Levi's - Fashion - Men's Wear - Trends

Refined in manner

Once you achieve the outer appeal that you’re confident with, the next step is to be a truly good-looking gentleman by means of etiquette, including how you sit, walk, talk, and listen, or even your table manners. Good personality is based on respect for each other, and a most practical advice is to look at yourself in a mirror to find and fix your flaws. Learn from books and by consulting experts, and remember that practice makes perfect. However, make sure you do everything naturally and be yourself enough. Little by little, she will get to know you the way you really are. With the personality of a gentleman, it isn’t difficult to build a relationship.

Win Over Your Date - DKSH - Levi's - Fashion - Men's Wear - Trends

Win her heart with a good sense of humor

There’s probably no woman who loves to hang around with a man who looks serious all the time. When you laugh, you are usually more open-minded and amiable, which helps reduce the gap of relationship. Sense of humor is not an innate quality, but a matter of having positive attitudes towards yourself, people around you, the surroundings, and the world at large. Once you feel happy, people around you know it and they will likely feel happy as well. In many occasions, the borderline between humor and impoliteness can be obscure, and to stay safe from insulting or making your date feel uncomfortable, avoid talking about social or economic status, health, and past relationships.

With these tips well observed, you can look forward to a “Yes” from your next date.

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