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9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas

Baze Mpinja Glamour
9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas - Makeup - Ideas

There’s no such thing as a magic wand that can instantly take your look from day to night, but the extra-pretty date makeup looks here are the next best thing—they’re that easy.

9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas - Makeup - Ideas

Another option: Just pile on mascara.

To add thickness to skimpy lashes, lightly dust them with translucent powder before applying two coats of mascara. They’ll look almost fake (in a good way). To avoid a tarantula lash situation, declump with a lash comb. Balance out intense eyes with sheer, neutral blush and gloss. 

9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas - Makeup - Ideas

Try a blue-bronze combo.

Next time your BlackBerry buzzes with a last-minute invite, try this quick makeup duo. It’s gorgeous on Gabrielle Union, and it’ll look amazing on you, too (really!). Grab a shimmery navy eyeshadow and use a brush to sweep it on from your lash line to just above the crease. Feeling daring? Use your finger to blend it all the way up underneath your eyebrow. Finish with two coats of mascara. Next up, your cheeks: Dust gold-flecked bronzer over the apples of your cheeks with a big fluffy brush, blending out toward your temples. Apply a bronzy lip gloss and—presto—you’re gorgeous.

9 (Way Pretty) Date Makeup Ideas - Makeup - Ideas

Embrace pink for a day-date.

Meeting a cutie for brunch? A bit of soft pink blush and matching lipstick give an I’m-not-trying-too-hard vibe but still look pretty. For an allover flush like Jessica Biel’s, dab a rosy cream blush onto cheeks and lips with your finger. Build up the color till you’ve got the intensity you want, then add a little lip balm to your lips for shine. Curl your bare lashes, then be sure to bat them like crazy—you don’t need mascara to do that!


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