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Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–summer ’10

Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–summer ’10 - Fashion - Fashion Show

After the financial meltdown, Europe seems to be recovering from the storm while the fashion industry slowly gets back on its feet again. The force is back all through major European fashion capitals and Lisboa is no exception. New trends, designers and attitude are settling back in to Portugal’s fashion week, says Tiago Espirito Santo

Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–summer ’10 - Fashion - Fashion Show

Alexandra Moura

In Moura’s spring–summer 2010 collection, Following … in Red, the inspiration comes from the early 1920s and the 1980s. The red colour represents the wish and the desire; the way it’s used brings conveys the strength, the love and the joy for life.

Other key colours for this collection include black, pink and a hint of silver along with design features such as piping, double collars and trimmings. The designer says, ‘I liked the fresh preppy looks in fluid jersey twin-sets and the ones with “twisted yuppie” shirts and matching shorts.’

Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–summer ’10 - Fashion - Fashion Show

Ana Salazar

A light and fluid silhouette is Salazar’s design æsthetic for summer 2010. She has created a collection that combines the use of draping with ruffles and pleats. Romantic yet sophisticated, this collection promises to please the modern, urban female consumer.

The key materials that are used in this collection are silk, chiffon, jersey knitting, wool and satin with lacquered finishing. Hues such as matte and brilliant black, citric green and cobalt blue make each piece stand out with the help of abstract prints in smudgy tones of pink, green and orange.

Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–summer ’10 - Fashion - Fashion Show

Filipe Faísca

Faísca’s collection is all about fusion and the reinterpretation of African cultures in harmony with a modern, contemporary lifestyle. An oversized, fluid structured silhouette took centre-stage, playing upon masculinity versus femininity. The pieces were created from contrasting fabrics such as tough leather paired with delicate silk china crêpe and georgette crêpe, in tones of black, white, cocoa, skin rose, flaming red and deep blue.


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