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Sure you still want a tattoo?

The Sun
Is body-art Fox-y? ... actress Megan

Is body-art Fox-y? ... actress Megan

YOU'VE been promising yourself that tattoo or body piercing for a while.

Maybe, you reckon, it's time to bite the bullet. But this might make you think again.

According to reports, a woman in Caerphilly recently died from blood poisoning two days after having her tongue pierced.

Despite scary stories like this, there's a lot of "body art" about. American figures suggest 14 per cent of people have body piercings and nearly a quarter have tattoos.

Celebs such as Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are covered in them. And the number of tattoo and piercing parlours on our high streets suggests the figures are rising.

So what about the medical dangers? There are plenty. In one UK survey, 95 per cent of GPs had seen a piercing complication.

Everyone knows about the risk of hepatitis B and C - and maybe even HIV - from dodgy needles. What's unclear is exactly how big those hazards are with body art.

Sure you still want a tattoo? - Tattoos

Tat-too far ... Angelina has several designs on her body


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