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Detoxing Beauty for Baby: eos organic lip balm

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Detoxing Beauty for Baby: eos organic lip balm - Detoxing - Lip Balm

Lip balm is another one of those products that surprised me by how many of the options out there, even so-called natural ones, had dangerous ingredients. If you're going through a natural beauty overhaul or like me trying to detox your beauty routine during pregnancy, I'd definitely run your lip balm through the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.

What lip balm earns the site's safest rating? eos lip balm. I was sent a few of these balms to review and I have to say the unconventional packaging sort of threw me for a loop, but it's also so cool! It's a little round ball you twist in half to open, and then the balm itself is also spherical. So far my favorite scent is Sweet Mint.

Keep reading to find out how it performs.

With beeswax as one of the main ingredients, anyone used to a beeswax lip balm will be familiar with this texture. It's a little bit like your standard ChapStick but less greasy and way healthier. There was no odd texture or anything weird to get used to at all. This fits very well into my bevy of natural beauty products that perform almost exactly like their chemical-laden counterparts without putting me or my baby in any danger.

If you're wondering exactly how natural it is, it is 95% organic with the USDA organic seal and 100% natural. It is petroleum and paraben free (petroleum is very popular in lip products - makes sense since you'd want to put the stuff that runs your car on your lips, right?) and comes in recyclable packaging.


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