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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin
Makeup Tips for Dark Skin - Makeup - Tips - Dark Skin

The base of the makeup is vital to achieve a perfect, flawless outcome. Those who own a dark complexion should choose foundation as well as the basic elements as concealer and powder according to the basic features of their skin tone.

To avoid the mask effect keep away of opting for shades that are lighter than the natural tone. Undoubtedly makeup is more visible on a darker skin than on the fair one.
Liquid foundations are the perfect option for this skin tone.

Make it oil-free and rather water-based, this will guarantee that your whole makeup will be the closest in shade to your natural skin color.
Blending is the key to success, choose powders that are rather translucent to add a soft finish to your look. Keep away from the shiny look, it might spoil your whole makeup.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skin - Makeup - Tips - Dark Skin  Makeup Tips for Dark Skin - Makeup - Tips - Dark Skin

Eye Makeup

The next step is to accentuate the eyes, indeed there are special shades that can add a glamorous flair to your skin tone. Apply a tiny transparent powder on the eyelids for the long-lasting effect. Then experiment with shades as prunes, burgundies, copper and dark browns.
Dark colors seem to complement this complexion more, rather than the light and powdery tints. If you feel the need to shine choose metallic shades. These will look fabulous especially if applied for a special night or an evening event.

During the day feel free to use brown or gray eyeliners, these will brighten up your eye makeup making it more sensitive and spectacular. Top your look with black or copperish mascara for a classy touch.


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