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Bespoke In The 21st Century

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Bespoke In The 21st Century - Jackets - Fashion

The last issue of the Big Black Book (Fall 2009) featured a very interesting illustrated article called The Revisionists, in which a thoroughly relevant question is asked: Is it possible to rethink or reinvent the suit without ruining it?

This article outlines the views of four very different key figures of masculine fashion on the subject.

Dries Van Noten believes that the evolution of classic menswear occurs through unlikely juxtapositions of fabrics, patterns and colors. Kim Jones (Dunhill) emphasizes the importance of using modern fabrics created with new technologies developed by fabric factories (e.g. traditional fabric blended with, for instance, non-crease mohair from Cambedoo, in South Africa).

For Morenzo Ferrari (Avenza) evolving means questioning the traditional construction process (goodbye lining and padding). Patrick Grant (Norton & Sons and E. Tautz) is adamant about the importance of new accessories to revamp masculine outfits - shirt collars, new tie knots, stylish pocket squares -and encouraging gents to express themselves with a seamless mastery of the basics of classic elegance, and not just suits.

Lorenzo and Massimo Cifonelli obviously have a say in the matter with the recent creation of an entire line of sports jackets that is particularly bold and innovative in terms of cuts and finish.

It is paramount to mention that the magnificent creations below are strictly Bespoke at Cifonelli and that they were designed for inspiration only. Sources tell us that this exceptional collection has reached its goal and brought Cifonelli to new clients who responded to both their classic construction and visual originality (“classic with a twist”).

Bespoke In The 21st Century - FashionBespoke In The 21st Century - Fashion

Bespoke In The 21st Century - Fashion - Jackets

Bespoke In The 21st Century - Fashion - Jackets


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