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Red hot tips for St Valentines Day

Red hot tips for St Valentines Day - Tips - Valentines

Red is the hottest colour and arouses passion, raising body heat and increasing the heart rate.

If you have an important date and want to impress someone special this Valentines Day, wear red says Colour Consultant Jules Standish from says. "Whenever I wear red I feel assertive and dynamic”.

Red demands attention and is THE irresistible colour to wear if you want to get noticed! If you have an important Valentines date with someone you are trying to impress wear something red and boost your chances of a successful romance! Put on a red dress (Ponti-roma £28 or accessorise with a red bag (Lulu Guinness Lydia £174, red scarf (Alexander McQueen £140, red belt (NW3 Pennington £29, or red nails and lips (organic Logona no 5 lipstick £13.50 A red tie or pink shirt can make men more desirable (!

How about red underwear (Ceriso bra £6 and matching knickers £3 - for men red socks or boxers! As an alternative, “Pink” is a combination of red and white and is the colour of love so wear it in abundance but make sure you have the right shade on for your skin tone!

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