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Top TEN Fashion No No’s.

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Top TEN Fashion No No’s.

You know, I figured, although I’m no fashionista by any means, that it would be easy to do this post. I found it increasingly difficult, because there are so many WRONG fashion statements out there. I’ll stick to my jeans, and t-shirts, okay? Thanks.

10.) Ugly Prom or formal occasion Dress: Because when I’m told I need formal attire, the first thing that comes to mind is “I NEED to look like a highlighter marker.” Not. Do NOT buy this kind of dress. It’s ugly.

9.) Extreme Tan lines: You know you’ve seen them. Girls wearing tube tops with THESE tan lines. WHY? Girl, please, either undo the strings when you’re sunbathing, lay in a tanning bed to avoid these lines, or hey, here’s an idea, stay out of the sun. The latter is better for your skin.

8.) Sandals and Socks.: Aye aye aye. NO. JUST NO. WHY would anyone think this is okay? If your feet are cold, then don’t wear sandals, wear tennis shoes or boots. JUST NEVER sandals and socks.

7.) Too Skinny Jeans on MEN: So few men can pull off skinny jeans, literally, they need the jaws of life to assist them.
But I digress, it leaves nothing to the imagination, and if you’re wearing skinny jeans guys,chances are, that’s all you have filling them, imagination.


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