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9 Bright shades

Erica Mayyasi
9 Bright shades - Sunglasses

Summer is around the corner and this sunny season step up your style (while shielding your eyes!) with colorful sunglasses. With these sunnies there's no better or easier way to add some serious pizzazz to any outfit. Here are some bright, far from basic sunglasses that all ring up at under $20.

1. Vintage floral

Wet Seal may give you traumatic high school flashbacks however occasionally it's worth braving. This is definitely one of those occasions: their Floral Wayfarer Sunglasses are both adorable and affordable. It's a fun update to a classic shades shape and the print is like finding the best piece in your grandma's attic. $7.50 at

2. Color block

Who knew Payless sells sunglasses?! And what a fabulous discovery this is: their Colorblock Sunglasses give an aura of a chic retro bowladrome meets modern day preppy beach. Available with either a pink (pictured) or light blue stripe. $9.99 at

3. Athletic

Get your game face on with these Point Break Shades from the vintage-inspired clothing and accessories purveyor Mod Cloth. A bright pink stripe gives this sporty eyewear some in-your-face girly charm. They are the perfect beach volleyball sunglasses. $11.99 at

4. Safari

Take a walk on the wild side with these Therese Animal Sunglasses from delia*s. The brightly hued shades give classic animal prints a bold update. Zebra print shades come in blue (pictured) or white (for the classicist), while the cheetah print ones come in pink or yellow. $12.50 at


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