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Fit Clinic: Summer Edition

Laurel Dailey Neu Black
Fit Clinic: Summer Edition

The biz casual look is one thing. But what’s a guy to do in the summer months when the weather is fine and you got women on your mind? I hate to break it to you, but those massive shorts and those industrial-strength rugged sandal hybrids just aren’t going to cut it. You want to cut a smooth silhouette, not resemble a windsock caught in a gale, gents.

Here’s the long and short of it: Shorts don’t need to be saggy, baggy, or otherwise balloon-like. They don’t need pockets so deep they rival airplane seat back pouches. You need shorts with a the bare essentials: a pocket for your hand (the free hand will be quaffing a belgian white, natch), and a pocket or two for your wallet (slim, preferably J-Fold, and most definitely a nicely worn leather), your keys, your iPhone. If you insist upon a utility-sized pouch swinging from your hips, you’d better be prepared to be carrying a flask full of Maker’s, and you’d better be prepared to share.


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