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Faux lashes are real sexy

Erica Mayyasi
Faux lashes are real sexy - eyelashes

For luscious lashes, women have been turning to mascara for years. However the tried and true make-up staple can only get you so far. For truly dramatic eyelashes, it’s all about fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. Ready to think outside the bottle? We’ve consulted with experts on both of these alternatives to give you the scoop.

Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are the more common, quicker and less expensive of the two options. Celebrity make-up artist Guy Guido, who often uses them in his work, gives the lowdown:

Fake eyelashes come in a variety of forms, ranging from individual lashes to entire strips to cover the entire lash line.

Individual lashes

Guido recommends individual fake eyelashes for most people because they provide a much more natural look and are easier for you to apply on your own. They can also be used to fill in naturally thin spots or placed just in the outer corners, he says.

However you want to use them, you can certainly benefit from Guido’s fail-proof steps for application:
  1. Start by squeezing a glob of glue onto a disposable surface (he suggests tin foil or a paper plate).
  2. Holding a lash with tweezers, dip the end of it in the glue.
  3. Blow on the glue and let it set for five seconds.
  4. Apply it in place and release! “Apply it as close to your natural lash line as possible,” he advises.

Full eyelash strips

Full strips of lashes are available in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and styles. Guido recommends starting on the conservative end of the spectrum. “They look much fuller once applied,” he says. “If you go with real full ones, you will look like you have caterpillars on your eyes.”

To apply strips of lashes, follow his tips:

  1. Check the length of the strip against your eyelid. “If it is too big, trim it from the inside of the lashes,” he suggests.
  2. Apply a modest amount of glue to the edge of the strip.
  3. As with the individual lashes, give it five seconds to set.
  4. Apply the strip starting at the center, placing it as close to the lash line as possible.
  5. Next press the strip into the lash line at the inner corner of your eyelid and hold it there for two seconds.
  6. Then do the same with the outer corner.
  7. Return to the inner corner and press the strip into the lash line again. Then do the same with the center and the outer corner.

A partial false eyelash strip

There are also partial strips of fake lashes made to apply to the outer corner of the eyelid. Guido says they are a “nice compromise between the singles and the whole strip” as they are still reasonably simple to apply.

In terms of brands, Guido recommends Ardell for both individual and strips of fake lashes, though when it comes to the glue, for individual lashes he suggests Ardell, while for strips he likes Duo. (Both brands are available at most major drugstores)


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