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Marvelous Mehndi: Beautiful Bridal Henna Designs

Marvelous Mehndi: Beautiful Bridal Henna Designs - Henna

If you've ever been to an Indian, Moroccan, or Pakistani wedding ceremony, you've probably seen — or worn — mehndi. Many brides, both abroad and in the United States, wear these henna "tattoos" on their hands and feet for wedding celebrations; look closely and you might spot their loved one's name worked into the design.

Caught Red-Handed

This bride in Delhi shows off an intricate, rich pattern in red.

Color Everywhere

Traditional bright hues lend a celebratory feel to the festivities.

Really Ruby

Dark red henna portraits decorate this bride's hands.

Coming Up Roses

Last summer, this Pakistani-American bride wore traditional dress and complementary henna.


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