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Ten tips for using eye makeup safely

Laurie Sammeth
Ten tips for using eye makeup safely - Tips - Makeup - Eyes - Mascara - Eyeliner - Eye Shadow

If you wear eye cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner or shadow, be careful. That brown mascara might make you blue. Worse yet, using contaminated eye makeup could land you in the doctor's office. Eye cosmetics can be a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. If you wear contacts, or have sensitive skin or allergies, your risk for infection is even greater. Practice good cosmetic hygiene to keep your eyes healthy and alluring.

Eye makeup safety tips

Most eye makeup contains preservatives. But bacteria or fungi can still grow in the makeup or on its applicators, where it can be easily transferred to your eye. Follow these recommendations when using eye makeup to help prevent eye infection:

  1. Wash your hands before putting on your eye makeup.
  2. Use throwaway applicators, or wash applicators and brushes with soap and water often. Don't use an old applicator in a new product.
  3. Replace your eye makeup every six months - more often if you wear contact lenses. After an eye infection, buy new eye makeup products and throw away the old ones.

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