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Baby Fashion Gets Wiggy With Hysterical Baby Toupees

The Bob Baby Toupee

The Bob Baby Toupee

There's no denying that parenting is hard work, but Baby Toupee of Santa Barbara, California also believes in parenting as a source for endless amusement. That's where their line of Baby Toupees come in; with many unique designs that are fun fashion for your baby as well as a source of comic relief for parents.

The Donald Baby Toupee

Fun fashion or a fashionable form of child exploitation; you decide how you feel about the Baby Toupees. Available for 21.99, designed to fit babies 0-9 months the fashionable hairpieces come in five styles; "The Lil' Kim", for the aspiring risk-taking pop diva in diapers; "The Donald" for the budding entrepreneur; "The Bob" for the Rasta inspired infant; and the "Samuel L" for the future Oscar nominee.

The Lil Kim Baby Toupee


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