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6 ways to wear a scarf

6 ways to wear a scarf - How to - Spring

Large square scarves are one of the most versatile accessories around and are right on trend this spring. Here we show some of the many ways to rock one to accessorize any outfit.


Bring a little western flair to any outfit by folding the scarf diagonally and wearing it as a bandana. Obviously looking too cowgirl is a legitimate concern with this style so unless you're headed to a costume party don't try this while wearing a scarf with a western-style print and don't wear the bandana straight front and back - wear it at an angle to get extra style points and help to avoid any home on the range comparisons.


You can also wear a scarf tied around your neck as a neckerchief. This is a less casual look than the bandana style tie. For this chic update on the classic bandana, fold the scarf diagonally and then roll it to make a long, skinny tie. You can then tie it around your neck with a single simple knot.


We've already seen a scarf double as jewelry, and while a scarf may seem natural around your neck, you can really change things up with one around your wrist. Start with the scarf folded and rolled into a long skinny tie as with the neckerchief and then wrap it around your wrist as many times as it will go (tight so that it's not falling off your wrist all day but not too tight so it still has a casual aura to it) and then tie it off. You may need a buddy for this one; as we all know it can be pretty tricky tying or clasping things on your own wrist.


Put your hair up in a temporary ponytail and then roll the scarf into a long skinny tie as before. Tie the scarf around head with the tie at the back of your head. Depending on how long the resulting tails of the scarf are, you may wish to wrap them around the band so that they are not visible. Then release your hair from the ponytail and you're good to go!

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