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Greg Kadel and David LaChapelle for Passionata spring/summer 2009
Greg Kadel and David LaChapelle for Passionata spring/summer 2009 - Greg Kadel - David LaChapelle - Passionata

The world of the lingerie label Passionata is visualized by world known photographers and filmmakers.

 The products of these renowned artists such as Greg Kadel or David LaChapelle have one in common: their campaigns for Passionata are made of a dangerously vibrating passion which sourrounds the woman who is at the same time an innocent woman as she is a ruthless child; she is a narcissus, enjoying her own sexuality, loving herself for her appearance, her image.

Women in the 80ies

The definition of the Passionata woman was developed in the founding years of the label in the late 80ies. The 1980ies have been the first time that women began to work in male "white collar" jobs after they had the chance and - this includes the legal right - to study at the universities of their choice in the 70ies, for example at the University Oxford in England, because many colleges had been single sex only. Until the same time (married) women could not decide freely where to work; in Austria the married man had the legal right to cancel her job whenever he wanted; even against her will. In many other countries women had no right to vote. The great turn was in the 80ies and women rights have been set into practice for the first time - with the help of women who started to fight for in the 60ies. In July 2007 - after 645 years university education in Austria - the first female was inaugurated for leading a university. In early 2009 she has cancelled her job because of being mobbed by her male colleagues. It is not so long ago that women have the same rights; perhaps because men can not distinguish between the intellectual abilities and the fascination these women can express.


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