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Naughty knickers or cheap frills?

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What assumptions might you make about these women based on the briefs they're wearing?

What assumptions might you make about these women based on the briefs they're wearing?

So I'm staying with two of my bestest, blondest friends while I wait for my new place to be vacated and besides subtle changes in the colour of my conversation (upward inflections, lots of 'likes'), there's been myriad new directions in the content. Underwear, for instance, frequently features on the agenda. And with Valentine's Day around the corner (joy) and thoughts turning to the fun of underthings, I thought I might make mention of unmentionables (leave now if you take life too seriously - your kind will have no pleasure here today).

What's the best colour? The best make? The most arousing texture? The most offensive cuts? Should men ever buy underwear for their partners? Should women really care about what they wear down there?

Why does some lingerie scream "whore", some underdaks denote dags? And how does your reaction to someone's silky drawers define you as an individual?

Ever since folks began the often elaborate business of clothing human flesh, we've harboured a fascination with that final layer of concealment.

The last barrier between naked truth and engineered appearance - is it reasonable to suggest a correlation exists between what's under your clothes and what's under your skin?

For instance, dressing for a hot date and opting for frilly knickers over fat suckers might say a lot about a lady, as it would were a lad to don clean daks over day-olds.

And the gift of a black lace corset with garters, fishnets and crotchless panties might say more about the giver than the giftee - as would a male thong with a *ahem* cock-pocket (kinky sex anyone?).


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