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Kasil Kingsley jeans ($200),

Kasil Kingsley jeans ($200),

All jeans are not made equal. Consult this guide to find your perfect pair


A denim hybrid, this contemporary cut blends the legroom of a relaxed fit, the flared hem of a boot cut, and the snug seat of a straight leg. It's an emerging style that can be difficult to track down, but Lucky Brand, Kasil, and Chip & Pepper all cut pairs to these specs.

If your build is . . . Athletic, buy in bulk. This style is tailor-made for your physique. . . . Stocky, this cut is a terrific alternative to a relaxed fit, providing more shape and contour to your frame while still offering sufficient leg room and comfort. . . . Average, wear these as a comfy alternative to relaxed-fit jeans. . . . Thin, look elsewhere. Lean legs are lost in the roomy cut beneath the knee, reinforcing a skinny shape rather than shadowing it.


These laid-back slacks are cut fuller from the thigh to the hem, allowing ample legroom for maximum comfort. A word of warning, however: Some renditions of this style can be too roomy, creating a sloppy appearance.

If your build is . . . Stocky, breathe easy. Relaxed-fit jeans cut bigger guys some slack, creating interior real estate so legs can flex and move. Look for styles with larger back pockets, which will make you look like you have less junk in your trunk. . . . Athletic, wear these for a more comfortable fit. Muscular quads can have a hard time wiggling into some jeans, but an especially forgiving trim in the thighs absorbs them with ease. . . . Average or Thin, avoid this cut. The width in the legs can be difficult to fill for the typical guy, creating a style that's almost too laid-back.


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