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How to Get the Perfect Eye Makeup
How to Get the Perfect Eye Makeup - Eye Makeup

Eyes are the window of the soul, but the way you enhance them can really make a difference and propel you to the center of attention. Notice how by using simple eye makeup – eye liner and mascara – you're like a different person? As you're adding more color to the eyes, they become deep and mesmerizing.

Eye makeup is far from being ordinary. Even if it's made using the same old products since ever – liner, eyeshadow, highlighter and mascara - you have infinite possibilities to choose from and how to use them.


Some simple rules

If you don't want to get puffy eyes in the morning, before going to bed avoid applying the eye contour cream to your upper eyelid, just under the eyes. Keeping your eye creams in the fridge will be an extra treat when applying as it cools your skin and tends to constrict blood vessels slightly making the area firmer.

Makeup base can be also used for the eye area – unless specified otherwise. By using a base, eye makeup will last much longer, won't crease and colors will be more vibrant.

To give more depth and gleam to eyes, use highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone.

If you want to line your eyes, you should use liquid/gel eye liner only on the upper eye lid – these tend to irritate the eyes - and use a Kohl pencil on lower lash line and waterline.

Using eye shadows can help creating the illusion of larger, smaller, close set or even wide set eyes.

If you go for heavy eye makeup, keep the rest of the face simple – nude lips and natural cheeks.

The colors you choose for your eye makeup, besides emphasizing your eyes, can also help slightly change the shades of your iris – especially for green and hazel eyes.


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