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Zirkeltraining ~ Recycled Gymnastics

Zirkeltraining ~ Recycled Gymnastics - Gymnastics

I have a thing for messenger bags and a fascination with bags made of out unexpected recycled materials (i think it started with Freitag in high school) ~ and throughout the life of NOTCOT, we’ve looked at so many… from truck tarps to sea sails to parachutes to jackets and more… but when i spotted this at Springwise, i did a double, triple, quadruple take…

Zirkeltraining ~ is a german line of bags, wallets, laptop sleeves, etc made from recycled vintage 1950’s gymnastics equipment… from pummel horses to floor mats to rescue nets… with some truck tarps thrown in as well… Their photography is also eery but captivating… and the whole thing fascinated me until someone mentioned how many crotches have been on 1950’s pummel horse leather… but still… i had to share it with you… so see more pictures on the next page!


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