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How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade and Texture
How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade and Texture - Foundation

It happens that when you're doing your makeup, you realize you didn't get that perfect, flawless skin. Maybe you just need to find out how to choose the right foundation that goes with your complexion's tone.

Nowadays, women live i big cities, where air pollution is high and our skin has to suffer. Specialists are developing foundations with special formulas to protect our skin.

The myth that foundation clog pores and cause breakouts is completely false; in fact, foundation covers the skin and becomes the ultimate protection for the skin.

A thin film of foundation insulates the skin and protects it from the damage, dust and smoke from the atmosphere. Beside pigments they have added benefits like: soothing substances, vitamins, moisturizer, sun protection or even anti wrinkle creams.

With the big variety that's available in color and texture, it seems to be the impossible to choose. But remember - foundation is a base of the makeup, that it will influence the whole look.
Don't use it to darken your complexion's tone - it's meant to hide the imperfections and give the face an even base.

When looking for the right shade, you should choose a tone or semi-tone lighter then your skin. Don't try foundation on your forearm, because the skin is different then your complexion.

To be sure you choose right, apply a little to the base of you neck and blend, or directly to your face – then go and check it out in natural light. If it blends into your skin, then you've found your shade.

If can't find none that match perfectly, opt for mixing 2 shades together:
one shade lighter and one darker that your skin color.


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