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Fashion tips: How to look good and survive the credit crunch

Julia Robson
Kate Moss (Pic:Rex)

Kate Moss (Pic:Rex)

Fashion gurus at share with 10 ways to tackle the credit crunch and keep your wardrobe looking hot...


Perhaps the most obvious way to fund a lavish fashion lifestyle is to trade in stylish seconds. EBay was every fashionista’s best-kept secret long before the rest of the world discovered it (along with and


This can only work with friends or family who trigger ‘wardrobe-envy’. Sisters, friends, and mothers and daughters, have been borrowing each other’s clothes without thinking for years. Now "bring-and-try" parties, where you can swap an item of interest for an equally appealing fashion piece have become as popular as Ann Summers parties in the suburbs.

Factory Outlets

"But, I Reeeeeeally Neeeeed It!" you shriek about the latest Jimmy Choo ‘Ramona’/Marc Jacobs ‘Casey’, like a demented six year old with a new Bratz doll. Factory shops are for people like you.