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Moss, 34, tops global fashion list

Gulf Daily News
Moss, 34, tops global fashion list

LONDON: British supermodel KATE MOSS regained first place in the British edition of Glamour's annual best-dressed woman list, the magazine revealed yesterday, as KYLIE MINOGUE tumbled from the top.

Moss, 34, dominated the list before the Australian pop star overtook her in 2007, but Minogue's fashion choices during the past 12 months have been too "outlandish" for many voters' tastes, a spokesman for the magazine said.

But the Australian singer, 39, slumped to 19th place this year in the poll voted for by readers - a tumble blamed by the magazine on her appearance on television talent show the X Factor wearing a figure-hugging lace catsuit that divided viewers and fashion watchers.

British actress SIENNA MILLER came second, while US counterparts SCARLETT JOHANSSON, RACHEL BILSON and JENNIFER ANISTON completed the top five.

"Kate's back with a vengeance. Her maverick approach to fashion is an inspiration and shows us all how to be a little more daring and experimental," said Glamour editor JO ELVIN.

Troubled US singer BRITNEY SPEARS topped the worst-dressed list.

British singer VICTORIA BECKHAM came ninth, but the Spice Girl nonetheless came 10th in the best-dressed category.