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Sensuous jewels for sexy body piercings
Sensuous jewels for sexy body piercings

A pierced nose or a pierced earlobe is a thing of the past…dudes and dudettes who look forward to making a style statement of their own rather a unique style statement are ready to cut the crap and go overboard with the most happening ‘body piercing’.

You name a place and the gut-sy souls have got them pierced. Right from the eyebrows to the sensuous belly button and from the tangy tongue to the most peek-a- boo nipple…Body piercing is going places guys! If body piercing is getting hotter…so are getting the jewels to dazzle even the most inaccessible places.

Just let your man get the glimpse of your pierced belly button and he’ll go mad and if a decorated nipple is your style…trust me nothing can stop him from getting wild.

Here go some of the most exquisite jewels to beautify those exquisite and enigmatic parts of your body…

1. Jewel that brow

2. A lip hugger for you

3. All for the bedecked belly button

4. Jazz up the navel

5. Flowery sensations for the nipple

Via: Piercingmap