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Winter Sunglasses

Michael A. Lubarsky
Winter Sunglasses

So, you think you can wear those summer shades all winter long. Well, think again, pal. The style and construction of a typical pair of summer shades with darker lenses and linear lines are no match for the grayer rays and sunlight angles in the winter. You’ll want to find a pair with a lighter lens tint and a shape that fits closer to your face. The lighter tint will allow you to wear your shades in quickly changing light conditions and the closer fit will block the lower angles of light coming from the horizon, as well as reflections off blindingly white snow, if you happen to get the white stuff where you live.

If you typically leave your sunglasses at home in the winter months you shouldn't; the sun may seem lower and you may not see it as often, but the UV rays slamming into your eyes are just as potent as those in July. Check out our stylish selection of winter sunglasses and pick a pair up.


A true pair of fashion sunglasses for the style conscious man who wants to combat the fading light of a winter’s day. These Lacoste shades are made to be paired with your favorite leather jacket and scarf that you so carefully pack away each spring. And while you might think about wearing them with your new Moncler ski jacket as you glide over moguls, you’re better off keeping these safe and sound until your après ski activities.

Ray Ban Olympia

The wraparound styling and sleek design of these sporty sunglasses scream speed. These Ray Ban shades are made to take you beyond your limit no matter what the weather is outside. Most importantly, however, is the protection from the sun and wind these Olympia’s offer you. And the frameless bottom reduces their overall weight, which makes them both practical and comfortable.

Serengeti Napoli Drivers

Do you drive in the winter? If so, then you won’t find a better pair of sunglasses to get you through those treacherous winter roads. Not only will these Napoli's protect your eyes from UV light, but they'll also alleviate the eyestrain that's often experienced when winter driving. The shape of the frames makes them stylish for every face shape and the lens color is just this side of ultimate cool without sacrificing functionality. Don’t forget the driving gloves in Cognac leather to compliment the look.

Smith Serpico

High fashion has a new name and it’s Serpico. These platinum-lens, face-hugging shades ooze all that is Al Pacino in one of his most famous roles. But the truth is that it's the simplicity of these shades that makes them perfect for winter. The silver frames allow you to pair them with everything from jeans to a suit, but you can skip wearing them with a simple khaki-clad Friday uniform -- if you don’t have a personal style and the attitude to match, then these shades will be wearing you.


One rarely thinks of James Bond and sunglasses at the same time, but Bond finally got a cool pair of shades in Casino Royale. Daniel Craig’s Bond sported this black plastic number from Persol to do what sunglasses do best: block the sun from his eyes. Most importantly, however, is the detailed hinge mechanism. Most sunglasses today hide the hinge, but Persol uses it as an opportunity to give you a bit more style. If you’re wearing a suit or taking your girl on a romantic winter walk through the park, then do it in style with sunglasses that match the moment.

Vuarnet Cateye

One of the most popular styles in the early '80s has been resurrected by Vuarnet and they’re just as cool as they’ve ever been. The best part about these sunglasses is the coverage that the cat-eye shape provides. They don’t wrap around your head as much as they simply fit close enough to give you full visibility with a touch of classic cool. They fit so well that you may forget you’re wearing them.


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