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Hometown designer's style orbit widens

Lorilee Craker
Hometown designer's style orbit widens

Hometown fashion hero Daniel Vosovic recently designed a frock for uber-model Heidi Klum, who will wear it on the upcoming season of Bravo's "Project Runway," the show that launched the former Lowell resident into style orbit.

But Klum's black, sleeveless cocktail dress isn't Vosovic's favorite recent design, nor is the German beauty, host of "Project Runway," his most-adored person to dress.

Those honors belong to his sister, Sara, who recently got married in Lowell adorned in a couture Daniel V wedding gown.

"She looked amazing," the proud brother said of his sibling. "Aside from white wine being spilled on her dress 30 minutes prior to the wedding."

Since finishing second in the second season of the hit fashion-design reality show in March 2006, the Grand Rapids Community College alumnus has been tripping the light fantastic, first becoming the darling of the fashion world and parlaying that status into a sewing basket full of design projects.

In addition to freelancing for two small New York fashion houses, Vosovic has designed an entire line of clothing and accessories for NYLO, a hip chain of loft hotels. The first establishment is set to open next month in Plano, Texas.

"The clothes are mix-and-match -- they don't necessarily look like uniforms," he said, adding the entire line of men's and women's clothing, including the "am-AY-zing small women's handbag -- my favorite piece," soon will be available online at his Web site,

"The president of the Plano hotel said, 'Do you know how many people are going to want to work here just for the clothes?'"

NYLO plans to open 150 hotels by 2011, Vosovic said. Each will feature a boutique with his designs for sale. Luggage and jewelry will be added to the collection in time.

As he was designing the clean lines of his NYLO collection, the 1999 Lowell High School grad had the folks back home on his mind.